Are you looking to add "Real Life" realism
to your simulation experiences?


ReaLifeSim & VetReaLifeSim

Now YOU can provide more opportunities for
your students to safely experience the influence of
human factors during  simulation training.

Help reduce preventable medical errors and minimize human factor mishaps by improving the realism of clinical skills practice.

With wearable ReaLifeSim & VetReaLifeSim IV trainers & blood draw trainers, you can provide smarter, more efficient experiences for students to "train the way you treat" - critically important because simulation can be substituted for up to 50 percent of traditional clinical experiences.

ReaLifeSim provides a high level of physical fidelity, while providing the opportunity to relate to a “patient” on a human level - exactly what’s needed for developing health care professions learners.
— Mary K. Fey, PhD, RN, CHSE, Assoc. Dir., Institute for Medical Simulation, Center for Medical Simulation, Boston, MA

Let us add more communication and interaction skills
to your training and scenarios.

Worn by real people to add the human factor and real animals to encourage provider-patient communication, they can also be used as an "add-on" to manikins for enhanced function and extended sustainability. ReaLifeSim & VetReaLifeSim IV trainers with App provide the opportunity for self and peer assessment as well as traditional instructor guidance and evaluation.


ReaLifeSim & VetReaLifeSim patented product design is
lean and high functioning without being over-engineered.

  • Affordable - Most products cost less than the average clinical textbook.
  • Durable - Realistic latex-free skin. Larger sizes maintain the integrity of the skin for >250 insertion attempts (w/20g). Realistic flashback. Simulated blood vessels (contain latex) filled/refillable in a variety of sizes, plus 2 types of continuous flow vessels.
  • Adaptable - Seven sizes (adult, pediatric, infant, large animal neck, medium animal neck, medium animal leg, small animal leg). 
  • Portable - Use in classrooms, laboratories, scenarios, IPEs, for exercises and drills, in clinics and on farms.
  • Learner Centered - Combines human communication/interaction with the practice of hands-on skills to develop competence and gain confidence through repeated safe practices with immediate feedback.
  • Outcomes Focused - RLSimApp is the FIRST and ONLY ONE of its kind with secure access to track/record individual learner hands-on IV training (using embedded sensors) and communication skills performance, cloud syncing, and remote instructor access for review, assessment, and feedback! English, French, German and Spanish RLSimApp screen and facilitator portal language localizations are standard features.
We are passionately committed to improving outcomes by improving the skills training available to students and existing care providers.
— E. Benson, MEd, RN, FCN, FACHT & L.C. Goodman, MS, RN, PG-Cert SIm, Co-Founders, ReaLifeSim, LLC and B & G Educational Innovations, LLC

Highly functional. Surprisingly affordable!

Compare us to a simple practice block, bulky, complex hydraulic sleeve, or simulated arms and legs. You'll see we're the perfect fit for realism, function and price.

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All our products are made in the USA and
we collaborate with the following local, state and national agencies: 

ReaLifeSim IV Trainers in
Telemedicine & Developing Countries

As someone who’s tested ReaLifeSim IV trainers, I can tell you first hand that they work wonderfully.
— Waseem Ghannam, MD, MBA, MHSA, CEO & Co-founder Tele-Health Solution

Telemedicine assistance from a distance is a great option to have. Higher acuity patients remain closer to their homes and support systems, where local healthcare professionals are expected to provide care under the guidance of the telemedicine team. Our ReaLifeSim Team focuses on the essential element of direct person-to-person healthcare delivery in those remote and rural areas. ReaLifeSim provides safe and affordable opportunities to practice clinical hands-on skills to draw blood and learn to start an IV. And, like telemedicine, providers have the opportunity to practice IV competency with expert guidance from a professional in a different location.

There is an ancient proverb that says that if you give a man a fish, he will eat today, but teach a man to fish and he will eat forever.  Over 200 people in remote clinics and villages can practice clinical hands-on skills to draw blood and start an IV sharing one wearable ReaLifeSim standard adult IV trainer. Our ReaLifeSim IV trainers provide a means to inexpensively and comprehensively teach and assess clinical skills to improve health and wellness worldwide during our lifetime and for future generations.