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Wearable Hybrid Simulators to
Practice Realistic Vascular Access

Highly functional. Surprisingly affordable!


Learners benefit from the realistic simulated practice to develop, maintain, and test their IV skills under the pressure of working with real people in a variety of challenging situations


Realism in IV training for every level - Fundamental, advanced (geriatric, pediatric), and extreme (emergency).

Realism in IV training for every environment - Classroom and lab, hospital and clinic, parking lots and fields, and close-space and austere environments. Quick & easy set-up is routinely 5 minutes or less from storage sack to arm, ready for your IV catheter insertions.

Real-time subjective and recorded objective feedback measures - 

  • Haptic feedback: Simulated skin provides a realistic feel and “pop” with catheter/needle insertion. Simulated vessels feel like they’re rolling and “pop” at cannulation.

  • Visual feedback: Artificial blood in a flashback with proper vessel cannulation.

  • Auditory feedback (with RLSimApp): A tone signals IV catheter insertion too deep causing potential injury.

  • Recorded skills performance measures with RLSimApp include: Time and date stamped outcomes with embedded sensors tracking each IV catheter insertion that goes beyond depth of vessel. App real-time audio recordings for individual and team communication skills development, with cloud syncing and secure remote instructor access for review, assessment, and feedback.


ReaLifeSim is great tool for nurses to improve their skills to start a peripheral IV. Feels realistic, helping to quickly build skills and confidence.
— S. Croegaert, RN, Emergency Response Team, HCA Hospital

Doctors, nurses, paramedics, corpsmen – we are all ordinary people - called to do extraordinary things on a routine basis. We provide care for real people in vulnerable, potentially dangerous conditions. In addition to skills competence, we need to incorporate the influence human factors as they play a major role in patient and provider safety.

We need to include Performance Under Pressure in our training.

When clinically challenging scenarios require IV realism, experts use ReaLifeSim:


A fast and effective way to positively effect patient experience is to decrease time to treatment resulting in better outcomes.  

The ReaLifeSim IV Trainer has added a seamless piece into the assessment and treatment of standardized patients. We are incorporating this into all of our Health Professions courses.
— Scott Nelson, B.S., NRP, LP, Acting Dean, Division of Health Professions, Texas Southmost College
ReaLifeSim adds a missing element of realism to SPs and manikins in our scenarios.
— Vincent Johnson, Course Lead, Disaster Medical Solutions, FEMA US&R Medical Team Specialist Course
The feel of inserting the needle into the skin was realistic, and I was able to feel the “pop” upon entering the vein. The flashback also occurred as expected.

ReaLifeSim helps our students experience a more realistic situation and become more confident in IV skills.
— C. Cummings, RN, EdD, Accelerated Program Director, UNF
I think your product is amazing! We have already been using it and we are definitely in love with it. I’m going to put it in my 2019 budget for sure!
— Dra. Maria Calvo Castro, Directora Centro de Simulacion, Universidad Ciencias Medicas, Costa Rica

Human Interactions & Measurable Outcomes with Wearable Hybrid Simulation Solutions

US&R Scenario Photo credit: R. Mitchell

US&R Scenario Photo credit: R. Mitchell

Benefit #1:
Learners and providers benefit from wearing ReaLifeSim IV trainers as they safely “treat” each other in any environment, from classroom to austere. They practice hands-on techniques and interpersonal communication, contributing to the most realistic clinical simulation possible.

Benefit #2:
Learners and providers are empowered to self and peer assess, promoting active involvement in their learning process. 

ReaLifeSim - competence focused products... great stuff! Great products recommended to me initially by Chris Kroboth at iSimulate and the assessor team at the Clinical Challenge EMS World.
— David Halliwell, MSc-McPara, Lifecast Body Sim

Benefit #3: 
Learners AND instructors/facilitators can review and evaluate real-time objective & subjective performance data with ReaLifeSim advanced version's App and embedded sensors to record, save, and store individual hands-on skills performance & interpersonal communication skills performance. This is NOT and Audio-Video system!


Benefit #4:
ReaLifeSim also adds new life and enhanced function to your existing lab equipment when worn by high and low fidelity "human" manikins to further enhance their realism and sustainability. 

Benefit #5:
ReaLifeSim products are accessible to any person, any time, any where and, most cost less than the average clinical textbook!

Help reduce preventable medical errors and minimize human factor mishaps by providing more realistic "train the way you treat" opportunities with ReaLifeSim wearable IV trainers. 

The students really loved working with and wearing ReaLifeSim. I was pleased to see the blood return was more realistic than a simulation arm and I like that we can use it to practice giving medications.
— Judy Comeaux, DNP, ARNP, BSN Program Director, UNF
Develop and test IV start skills under pressure while working with a live person! Simulated skin provides a realistic feel and "pop" with catheter/needle insertion. Simulated vessels feel like they're rolling and "pop" at cannulation. Artificial blood in a flashback with proper vessel cannulation.
pc P.VanDyc www.gva.be

pc P.VanDyc www.gva.be

ReaLifeSim IV Trainers in Telemedicine & Developing Countries

SOCIAL IMPACT - We're committed to improving the delivery of healthcare and veterinary medicine worldwide.

How will we accomplish this - by adding affordable wearable simulation solutions to improve clinical education and training AND by making these efficient experiences to train the way they treat accessible to any one, any time, any where.

ReaLifeSim is simple to use, plus it comes with instructions. I love it.
— Faina Kaganov RN, MBA-HCA, CLNC, Chief Clinical Officer, The Allure Group Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers

We focus on the essential element of direct person-to-person healthcare delivery on the other side of the monitor. ReaLifeSim IV trainers provide practice for clinical hands-on skills to start an IV, draw blood, and for communication skills. 

As someone who’s tested ReaLifeSim IV trainers, I can tell you first hand that they work wonderfully.
— Waseem Ghannam, MD, MBA, MHSA, CEO & Co-founder Tele-Health Solution

And, there’s an option to work with expert guidance from a professional that may be in a different physical/geographic location, similar to telemedicine. 

Corresponding instructional tools include free user guides for product and RLSimApp, as well as support for users, facilitators, and for any tech questions. 

We created ReaLifeSim to offer you the high quality, affordable options you deserve: wearable task trainers that provide opportunities
‘to train the way you treat’.
— E. Benson, MEd, RN, FCN, FACHT & L.C. Goodman, MS, RN, CHSE - Co-Founders, ReaLifeSim, LLC
WARNING: ReaLifeSim products are intended exclusively for educational purposes and only under the supervision of a licensed clinical trainer/educator. It is strictly prohibited for use in medical situations.

WARNING: ReaLifeSim products are intended exclusively for educational purposes and only under the supervision of a licensed clinical trainer/educator. It is strictly prohibited for use in medical situations.