ReaLifeSim Wearable Hybrid Simulators to
Practice Realistic Vascular Access




ReaLifeSim provides realistic practice opportunities with the pressure of working on real people (or manikins) in clinically challenging situations. With real-life realism, ReaLifeSim provides “performance under pressure” options for your training needs.


  • Safely practice hands-on clinical skills working with a live person (or manikin), relating to them as they would in a real-life situation, promoting an emotional connection and heightened sense of “presence” for situational awareness.

  • Benefit from the realistic simulated practice to develop, maintain, and test their IV skills under the pressure of working with real people in a variety of challenging situations. Helps to suspend disbelief during simulation training.


Highly Functional - Surprisingly Affordable

Realism in IV training for every level - Fundamental, advanced (geriatric, pediatric), and extreme (emergency).

Realism in IV training for every environment - Accessible to any person, any time, any where - classroom and lab, hospital and clinic, parking lots and fields, and close-space and austere environments. 

  • Quick & Easy Set-up & Cleanup -
    Usually 5 minutes or less, from storage bag to ready for IV catheter insertions. No-mess clean-up.

  • Realistic -
    Haptic feedback: palpate rolling vessels (not secured in preset channel), feel “pop” through vessel & skin.
    Visual feedback: simulated blood flashback.
    Auditory feedback: alarm tone with deep IV catheter insertion with App.

  • Portable -
    Wearable, lightweight for use in classroom and austere environments.

  • Durable -
    Skin is heat resistant up to 60 degrees Celsius and maintain integrity for hundreds of needle sticks.

  • Adaptable -
    Use on live people or manikins and comes in a variety of sizes. Hook and loop straps provide flexible fitting and positioning options on the forearm (plus 6" strap extension). Adjustable straps are used rather than a full sleeve to protect the wearers from potential exposures and cross-contamination.

  • Affordable -
    The cost is within the range of most clinical textbooks. ReaLifeSim adds new life when placed on high and low fidelity manikins or simulators to further enhance their realism and sustainability. 

  • Safe skills practice focused on the patient -
    Repeated safe practices combining human communication/interaction with the practice of hands-on skills to start an IV or draw blood with immediate feedback. Entire base of trainer covered with protective puncture-proof metal. Soft, smooth microfiber material provides comfort next to wearer’s skin.

  • Performance Evaluation
    The ReaLifeSim application (optional) provides secure access on Apple and Android mobile devices. Each IV catheter insertion that goes beyond depth of vessel, causing potential patient injury, is recorded with a time and date stamp using embedded sensors. Real-time audio recordings of provider-patient and team communication is saved with cloud syncing for secure remote learner and instructor access for review, assessment, and feedback.


When clinically challenging scenarios require IV realism, experts use ReaLifeSim.



Telemedicine & Developing Countries

SOCIAL IMPACT - We're committed to improving the delivery of healthcare and veterinary medicine worldwide.
How do accomplish this? We do this with affordable wearable simulation solutions to improve clinical education and training AND by making these “train the way you treat” experiences accessible to any one, any time, any where.

There is an ancient proverb that says that if you give a man a fish, he will eat today, but teach a man to fish and he will eat forever. Our ReaLifeSim IV training simulators provide a means to inexpensively and comprehensively teach and assess clinical skills to improve health and wellness worldwide during our lifetime and for future generations.

We focus on the essential element of direct person-to-person healthcare delivery in remote and rural areas. ReaLifeSim products help new learners, healthcare providers, and local task-sharers develop and maintain clinical competence to provide their best care.

There’s even an option to work with expert guidance from a professional that may be in a different physical/geographic location, similar to telemedicine, with four languages available on screen: English, French, German, and Spanish.

WARNING: ReaLifeSim products are intended exclusively for educational purposes and only under the supervision of a licensed clinical trainer/educator. It is strictly prohibited for use in medical situations.

WARNING: ReaLifeSim products are intended exclusively for educational purposes and only under the supervision of a licensed clinical trainer/educator. It is strictly prohibited for use in medical situations.