VetReaLifeSim Wearable
Realistic Vascular Access Practice


Because their training can save a life -
we've added Life to your training.


Real Practice with VetReaLifeSim on Live Animals…
...Before Live Animal Practice

Realistic "train the way you treat" opportunities with wearable VetReaLifeSim IV trainers help minimize human factor mishaps. 

The VetReaLifeSim IV/Blood draw task-trainer is the first IV trainer of its kind to integrate realistic simulated skin and blood vessels with aerospace industry technology to safely practice your hands-on IV skills and human-animal interaction skills on live animals or animal simulators. 

VetReaLifeSim IV trainer is a unique device in the veterinary market that will allow the flexibility needed for learners to improve their skills and confidence before using those skills in actual patients.
— Daniel Fletcher, PhD, DVM, DACVECC, Associate Professor of Emergency and Critical Care, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

Benefit #1: Realistic Practice
Your learners benefit from VetReaLifeSim IV trainers as they safely “treat” live animals or animal simulators practicing hands-on techniques and interaction skills in any environment, contributing to the most realistic training scenarios possible.

Benefit #2: Competence
Learners and patients benefit from repeated safe practice to help prevent dangerous complications and prepare providers with competence and confidence to provide good emergency care in potentially dangerous places.

Benefit #3: Confidence
Learners have more opportunities to self and peer assess as they work together practicing provider-patient interactions and positioning, promoting active involvement in their learning process. 

Benefit #4: Outcomes Assessment
Learners AND instructors/facilitators can review and evaluate real-time objective & subjective performance feedback with VetReaLifeSim advanced version's App and embedded sensors to record hands-on and communication skills. This advanced version includes the free companion RLSimApp with secure wireless technology to objectively track clinical and communication skills performance on a smartphone or tablet for later review.

Benefit #5: Increase Training Options
Add new life and enhanced function to your existing lab equipment with VetReaLifeSim used on low and high fidelity  animal simulators to enhance realism and increase sustainability. 

Realistic IV training for every level

Fundamental, advanced, and extreme (emergency).

Realistic IV training for every environment:

Classroom and lab, hospital and clinic, farm and fields, and close-space and austere environments.


Improve Patient Care

When you want those in your care to see the look in your eyes, hear the tone of your voice, and feel the warmth and confidence in your touch.... Created by clinicians and developed by experts, VetReaLifeSim products provide a wearable clinical simulation training solutions. These IV Trainers are designed for veterinary students, veterinary professionals, and providers of emergency medical care for working animals to practice repeated hands-on IV training and blood draw skills practice.

These IV trainers provide opportunities to practice repeatedly to build needed competence prior to providing live treatment/interventions.
— Nikki Harris, Senior Director of Operations, Humane Society, Veterinary Tech

The results:

  • Improved competence with essential skills.

  • Improved confidence when interacting with patient/animal handling.

  • Improved patient care and family satisfaction. 

  • Improved bottom line of the clinic/hospital because when improving the clinical competency of people working with veterinary doctors in hospitals and clinics, it frees them up to see more patients.

VetReaLifeSim IV training products are a great asset to train the teams to perform in any environment.
— Brooke Certa, DVM, Professor Veterinary Medicine & Technology, St. Petersburg College
“There is nothing like this to train to work with animals! It is the most innovative product I’ve seen.”
— Gilberto Sanchez MDV MSc. General Manager, Innovett Animal Care SA, San Jose, Costa Rica
Staff efficiency is everything in our field. If I can focus on diagnosis and treatment, I can provide care for more patients.
— Tim Holloway, DVM, Private Animal Clinic

VetReaLifeSim Advanced Version with App

Objective Measurable Outcomes - VetReaLifeSim with App - Real-time Objective & Subjective Skills Performance Record

Available for ReaLifeSim and VetReaLifeSim* (*by request), ReaLifeSim App (RLSimApp), was designed to help the learner and instructor “see” what’s going on beneath the skin with insertion attempts. We created and embedded sensors to identify IV catheter or needle insertions that go beyond the depth of the vessels, which is a patient safety concern. Using the RLSimApp, the learner can review a report of their hands-on skills performance, plus audio recordings of their provider-patient interactions on their mobile devices.


Learners must identify an instructor or facilitator to provide access to the same information. Using the facilitator web portal, instructors can sort reports by name or date for review, share feedback, and track and trend progress.

Self-Assessment, Peer Assessment, and Instructor Assessment with Feedback

Used in Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE), Competency-based Training (CBT), and Competency-based Assessments (CBA). Tracking outcome measures contributes directly to sharing “best practice” methodologies. 

The ReaLifeSim App (RLSimApp) provides:

  • Secure access to track/record individual learner hands-on IV skills performance using embedded sensors.

  • Secure access to track/record individual learner provider-patient communication skills performance.

  • Secure access to track/record team interaction skills performance.

  • Cloud syncing and secure remote instructor access for review, assessment, and feedback.

  • English, French, German and Spanish RLSimApp screen and facilitator portal language localizations are standard features.

  • Available for download from Google Play and iTunes Apple stores. *The App records your first 60 minutes for free. Then, unlimited recording is $1.99/month.

We created VetReaLifeSim to offer you the high quality, affordable options you deserve: wearable IV trainers that provide opportunities ‘to train the way you treat’.
— E. Benson, MEd, RN, FCN, FACHT & L.C. Goodman, MS, RN, CHSE - Co-Founders, B & G Educational Innovations, LLC and ReaLifeSim, LLC
WARNING: VetReaLifeSim products are intended exclusively for educational purposes and only under the supervision of a licensed clinical trainer/educator. It is strictly prohibited for use in actual medical situations.

WARNING: VetReaLifeSim products are intended exclusively for educational purposes and only under the supervision of a licensed clinical trainer/educator. It is strictly prohibited for use in actual medical situations.

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