First Time RLSimApp Users

How To Download the ReaLifeSim App (RLSimApp) - Android & Apple Devices

Prior to starting your practice session to record your interactions and "missed*" insertion attempts:
A “miss” (defined as an incorrectly inserted IV catheter that goes too deep and would potentially cause injury to nerve or bone) will produce an audible “beep” from the battery box. Each "miss" is also captured, recorded, and available for later review. 

  1. Check that your ReaLifeSim battery box is on. (2 AA batteries must be inserted)

  2. Connect to the cloud via Wi-Fi or your cellular provider making sure you have "service".

  3. Apple: Click the link below or go directly to the App Store on your smartphone and search for FREE ReaLifeSim.

  4. Android: Click the link below or go directly to Google Play on your smartphone and search for FREE ReaLifeSim.

  5. Download ReaLifeSim App (RLSimApp) on your smartphone.

How To Use RLSimApp - Instructions

The App records your first 60 minutes for free. Then, unlimited recording is $1.99/month.

Sign-Up & Connect

  1. Your Launch Page is the LOGIN page.  Touch  "New Participant" on the bottom right to link to that screen. 

  2. This is your PROFILE screen. Enter the information requested including: first name, last name, email address, and password. In the “Program ID (optional)” text box, enter your facilitator email address. Take care to spell everything correctly!

    It's important to note, your sign-in screens will NOT AUTO-FILL like many apps. This safety feature prevents the accidental recording of a student's skills performance in someone else's account when smartphones and tablets are shared. 

  3. Touch "Sign-Up". Immediately following sign-up, you will be directed to complete a very brief 3 screen tutorial. 

  4. Since you are a new participant, no session will have been recorded yet, so you’ll see the screen indicating you haven’t recorded any session. Touch the microphone icon on the bottom of the screen to see the list of devices available for connection on the DEVICE LIST screen. 

  5. Check that your ReaLifeSim battery box is on. (2 AA batteries must be inserted)

  6. Select the device name of the battery box with which you will be working and you proceed to record a session.

  7. If you do not quickly connect (pair), turn the battery box off, wait a few seconds, turn it back on and try the process again.

Ready To Record Your Session

  1. This next screen is the HOME screen. 

  2. Touch the navigation icon top left to open the menu to change English, French, German and Spanish RLSimApp screen and facilitator portal language localisations. 

    1. Touch "My Profile" and the edit icon at bottom of the screen.

    2. Touch the language listed and then the check-mark icon at the bottom to approve update to your preferred language.

  3. Back on the HOME page - when you've recorded sessions, this screen will contain a review list of previously recorded sessions and, at the bottom of this page, the microphone icon which is used to record a new session. The review list is organized with the most recently recorded session at the top of list and the returning user’s first session at the bottom.

  4. To begin recording, touch the microphone at the bottom of the HOME screen.

  5. On the record session screen, the audio recording will begin immediately, as indicated by the audio waveform graphic. 
    When recording, you may pause and restart the audio recording. To pause the audio recording, touch the pause icon at the bottom of the screen. When the audio is paused, the icon is changed to the microphone icon which, when pressed, will restart the audio. A maximum of 10 minutes of audio recording is allowed per session.

  6. The session is ended and saved by pressing the stop recording icon in the middle of the screen. Touch the stop session icon in the middle of the record session screen presents the save session dialog. This dialog gives you the opportunity to save providing a specific name for the session on the Home Screen review session list shown previously.

  7. After providing a session name and clicking save, the detailed session recording screen will play back your audio recording and show the correlated time/date identification for needle insertion "misses".

  8. From the session detail screen, touch the back arrow top left brings you back to the HOME screen with its’ review list and the opportunity to begin another session.

  9. Pressing the menu icon top left for a left side menu that includes: 
    HOME                Home Screen session review list & begin session microphone icon.
    DEVICE LIST    Device List screen with the list of available where you can connect to a ReaLifeSim unit to record a session.
    MY PROFILE    Profile screen where you can review the information you provided and change language localisation.
    HELP                  Email our customer service representative or comment on a BLOG with a related issue.
    LOGOUT           Ends a participant’s interaction and presents the LOGIN screen for the next user to begin a simulation session.

  10. Pressing the LOGOUT option of the menu will present the LOGIN screen.