Counterfeit Products - Buyers Beware!

We encourage buyers to be cautious.

Please email us at to report any suspect or counterfeit products. 

Purchase only from trusted sources. Approved distributors of ReaLifeSim, VetReaLifeSim, and RLSimApp include:

  1. DiaMedical USA, 
  2. AEDSuperstore,
  3. Pocket Nurse,
  4. 3B Scientific,
  5. Market Labs,
  6. Mentone Educational exclusive for Australia & New Zealand,
  7. MICE Groupe exclusive for France,
  8. MICE Swiss exclusive for Switzerland,
  9. Mirmanekenov exclusive for Russia,
  10. Ehler Zimmer exclusive for Germany & Austria.


ReaLifeSim® & VetReaLifeSim® products sold at auction websites or other websites at bargain prices are likely counterfeit. Look-alike products that do not have the ReaLifeSim® or VetReaLifeSim® name and logo are also likely to be counterfeit. Some online sellers may use bait and switch tactics posting an image of genuine ReaLifeSim® & VetReaLifeSim® products and filling orders with inferior counterfeit products.