Counterfeit Products - Buyers Beware!

We encourage buyers to be cautious. Approved distributors of ReaLifeSim, VetReaLifeSim, and RLSimApp include: DiaMedical USA, AEDSuperstore, Pocket Nurse, 3B Scientific, Mentone Educational exclusive for Australia, MICE Groupe exclusive for France, MICE Swiss exclusive for Switzerland. They are trusted sources.

ReaLifeSim® & VetReaLifeSim® products sold at auction websites or other websites at bargain prices are likely counterfeit. Look-alike products that do not have the ReaLifeSim® or VetReaLifeSim® name and logo are also likely to be counterfeit. Some online sellers may use bait and switch tactics posting an image of genuine ReaLifeSim® & VetReaLifeSim® products and filling orders with inferior counterfeit products.

Please email us at to report any suspect or counterfeit products.