ReaLifeSim App Demo Videos

RLSimApp-Demo Instructions

Please note these instructions will not download nor will they enable the actual RLSimApp. These are for demonstration purposes only.

Read these instructions before clicking the Link at the bottom of the page to enter the RLSimApp Demo.

These instructional sample screens demonstrate the general flow and feel of the RLSimApp and are subject to change at any time without notice. Please use Firefox or Chrome for this RLSimApp Demo. Internet Explorer users report their links are redirected – likely hijacked by malware.

  1. Launch Page - 1st screen in the RLSimApp demo starts at the "New Participant" screen.

  2. Click "sign-up" to take a brief 3 screen tutorial.

  3. Since you are a new participant, no session will have been recorded yet, so you’ll see the screen indicating you haven’t recorded any session. Click the microphone icon on the bottom of the screen to see the list of devices available for connection on the DEVICE LIST screen. 

  4. Clicking the 1st available device on the demo will show the device connecting screens. With your downloaded RLSimApp, you will select the device name of the battery box with which you will be working and you would proceed to record session (#6 below.)

  5. The demo next presents the Home Screen of a returning user. It contains a review list of previously recorded sessions and, at the bottom of this page, the microphone icon which is used to record a new session. The review list is organized with the most recently recorded session at the top of list and the returning user’s first session at the bottom.

  6. To see the “record a session” dialog, click the microphone at the bottom of the HOME screen.

  7. On the record session screen, the audio recording will begin immediately, as indicated by the audio waveform graphic. The session is ended and saved by pressing the stop recording icon in the middle of the screen. When recording, you may pause and restart the audio recording. To pause the audio recording, press the pause icon at the bottom of the screen. When the audio is paused, the icon is changed to the microphone icon which, when pressed, will restart the audio. A maximum of 10 minutes of audio recording is allowed per session.

  8. Pressing the stop session icon in the middle of the record session screen presents the save session dialog. This dialog gives you the opportunity to provide a specific name for the session on the Home Screen review session list shown previously (#4 above.)

  9. After providing a session name and pressing save, the detailed session recording screen is presented.  This screen will play back your audio recording and show the time/date identification for needle insertion "misses", defined as any deep insertion that could cause bodily harm to a patient.

  10. From the session detail screen, pressing the back arrow top left brings you back to the HOME screen with its’ review list and the opportunity to begin another session.

  11. Pressing the menu icon top left for a left side menu that includes: 
    HOME               Home Screen session review list & begin session microphone icon.
    DEVICE LIST     Device List screen with the list of available where you can connect to a ReaLifeSim unit to record a session.
    MY PROFILE     Profile screen where you can review the information you provided
    HELP                 HELP dialog to answer any questions
    LOGOUT           Ends a participant’s interaction and presents the LOGIN screen for the next user to begin a simulation session.

  12. Pressing the LOGOUT option of the menu will present the LOGIN screen.  With your downloaded RLSimApp, in actual practice, this LOGIN screen is the screen which will be presented when the RLSimApp is opened.  New participants will need to press the “New Participant” label at the bottom right of this screen to register through the SignUp screen, #1 above. 

To BEGIN RLSimApp Demo - click the screen image below: