Welcome Facilitators!

Facilitator accounts can be created and accessed
through the following website:

If you are not familiar with the functions of the RLSimApp,
please LINK to the demo before proceeding.

How do I create an account?

  • If you've been identified by a student (s) as a facilitator, you should have received an invitation email with a direct link to the portal (http://portal.realifesim.com) 
  • If you're taking this action proactively by self-identifying, you must visit http://portal.realifesim.com.

To create an account, select “Sign Up” on the login screen.

Here you will fill in the required information and select “Sign Up”.

Your facilitator account is then created and you are navigated to the Facilitator Session List.

What should I see on my Facilitator Session List screen?

When a student identifies you as their facilitator, they are giving you permission and access to their ReaLifeSim App recorded sessions.  Do not share your login or password with other instructors or students.


This picture illustrates the sessions list. If this screen is blank, that indicates your students have not yet recorded and stored any sessions for you to review.


This picture illustrates the screen you will see when you click "view" in a session box. On the left of the picture you see the audio recording tracking with the recorded "misses" (if any). The misses are time stamped.
We're currently developing a comment option for you to provide feedback directly to the user. 



    Troubleshooting FAQs

    •  Q - Why can't I see recorded sessions that students assigned me to see?
       A - This is most commonly a result of incorrect spellings. Ask the user(s) to check that they've correctly spelled your name and the domain name in the email address.
    • Q - Why can't I sign in? I'm in the App...
       A - Facilitators can only access their account via the facilitator portal found at: http://portal.realifesim.com
      Facilitators cannot sign in to their accounts using the Android or iOS Apps.
    • Q - Can they see what I see? Users are reporting they can sign into the facilitator portal.
      A - No, they do not see what you see. Yes, they can sign in, but a user can only see their own sessions (just like on their App).
    • Q - How do users link to their facilitator?
      A - Students must initiate the link; facilitators cannot link themselves to users. How a user links with their facilitator varies based on whether they have already created an account, or if they are a new user. The following steps are in the user guides and provided to help you guide the user process if assistance is requested or required. 

    For existing users:

    1. Open the ReaLifeSim mobile application and log in to your account with your proper email and password.
    2. Open the side menu, and select “My Profile”.
    3. Select the blue, circular edit button with the white pencil inside at the bottom of the screen.
    4. Enter your facilitator email address in the “Facilitator email address” box.
      NOTE: make sure you have entered the facilitator’s email address correctly with no spelling errors!
    5. Select the circular blue button at the bottom with the white check mark inside at the bottom of the screen.
    6. You have now linked your account to your facilitator.

    For new users:
    These instructions are in the New Participant User Guide 

    1. Download the ReaLifeSim mobile application via the Google Play or iTunes store.
    2. Open the application, and select “New Participant” at the bottom right corner of the login screen
    3. Enter all of your required information including: first name, last name, email address, and password. In the “Program ID (optional)” text box, enter the facilitator email address.
      NOTE: make sure you have entered the facilitator’s email address correctly with no spelling errors!
    4. When all information is entered, select “Sign Up”.
    5. You have now created an account linked to the entered facilitator email address.


    If you cannot resolve the issues you're encountering with help from the above information, please contact Tech Support at tech.support@bgei-educational.com
    Include as much specific information as possible.