Do you provide onsite training?

Yes. We have Clinical Educators in regions across the US that may be available for onsite training. Additional charges may apply based on location.

Are additional educational or training resources available?

Remote and in-person train-the-trainer sessions, as well as written clinical competencies are available upon request and provided by Skill-Set-Squared. Fees vary based on services requested. 

Is there a user guide?

User guides are available in written and video* formats. Check the website main navigation menu for the link to User Guides. *Videos under their own tab.

How do I know my account is secure?

Our BGEI site is SSL certified. 

I forgot my password - what do I do?

To recover your password, click “Forgot Password” on your Log-in screen. Enter the email address you linked to your account, and you will be sent an email to that address to create a new password.

Are reports available for comparison? 

BGEI tracks and aggregates anonymized data collected from participating institutions. Report options will be available in 2018. Send a request for more information.

I forgot to enter a promo code at checkout, can I still get my free item?

It’s possible. Should you skip adding a promo to your purchase, you can contact customer service and ask it to be added to your order before it ships. We’ll do our very best to accommodate your request. Orders may ship quickly, so if your order is already boxed and on the shipping dock, we will not be able to add your promo item. When contacting us, we will require your order number and promo code.

How are shipping costs determined?

Shipping costs are determined by: weight of package, dimensions of package, insurance (in case of loss or damage), packaging, destination of the package, carrier, and type of delivery (ground versus expedited).



What size needles/catheters can I use?

20 gauge or smaller for best sustainability

Is the sleeve size adjustable?

Yes! Simply adjust the hook and loop straps or adjustable elastic straps.

How many vessels are in it?

The ReaLifeSim and VetReaLifeSim IV trainers can be customized to meet your needs. You may insert one or more vessels to provide a range of clinical conditions.

Is there a limit to how long each audio recording can be?

The RLSimApp will save up to 10 minutes of patient client interaction audio. 

How many sticks before a simulated blood vessel (SBV) needs to be changed out?

The SBVs required changing after multiple attempts. Vessel size and usage impacts usage.

Can it be worn on the left and right sides?


Is there a limit on the amount of insertions attempts the App will record?

In each session the RLSimApp will save a maximum of 10 incorrect insertion attempts through the vessel, called “misses”, with a time-stamp for your review later. More than 10 misses in the same session will not be time-stamped, but will be recorded for later review of the session.

What kind of batteries and how long do they last?

2 AA batteries should last >200 hours of continuous use.

Why can't I hear my session's audio on my Apple device?

Check that the ringer on your device is switched on and the volume is loud enough to hear. 

How do I connect the sleeve to my app?

Use the features on your device to: Connect to the cloud using Wi-Fi or your cellular provider. Then, pair your device Bluetooth with your ReaLifeSim VAS-sleeve device. (See User Guide.)


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