The ReaLifeSim IV Trainer has added a seamless piece into the assessment and treatment of standardized patients. We are incorporating this into all of our Health Professions courses.
— Scott Nelson, B.S., NRP, LP, Acting Dean, Division of Health Professions, Texas Southmost College
  • Realistic - 
    Haptic feedback: palpate rolling vessels, feel skin and vessel “pop”, auditory feedback: tone with deep IV catheter insertion, and visual feedback with flashback.
  • Quick & Easy Set-up - 
    Usually 5 minutes or less, from storage bag to ready for IV catheter insertions.
  • Affordable -
    The cost of these IV trainers is within the range of most clinical textbooks.
  • Durable -
    The adult size IV trainer maintains the integrity of the skin for approx. 250 insertion attempts (w / 20g). Simulated blood vessels filled / refilled in a variety of sizes, plus 2 types of continuous flow vessels.
  • Adaptable -
    IV trainer sizes for adults, pediatric and children. It can be used by a person and can be placed on a manikin or simulated arm to improve / expand existing resources and technologies.
  • Portable -
    Wearable, lightweight IV trainers that can be used in classrooms, laboratories, scenarios, IPEs and in the field for exercises and drills.  
  • Focused on the patient -
    IV trainers created and tested by doctors, they combine human communication / interaction with the practice of hands-on skills.
  • Safe skills practice -
    Develop competence and gain confidence through repeated safe practices learning to start an IV or draw blood with immediate feedback.
  • RLSimApp - Goal Evaluation
    The ReaLifeSim application (optional) provides secure access on Apple and Android devices to record individual performance of hands-on IV training and communication skills or 10 minutes of team interactions with cloud synchronization and remote access Instructor / facilitator review for evaluation and comments.


A fantastic way to learn giving an IV to a real patient. Having the product on a person really enhances the experience.

— BSN student
ReaLifeSim IV task-trainer is a great product for teaching proper hand positioning, catheter manipulation, and patient interaction.

— ADN student, USN Corpsman veteran