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Wearable ReaLifeSim IV Trainers

It was a hot day and the crews were tired. They’d been crawling through rubble for hours and tonight was their crucible. Having simulation tools like ReaLifeSim IV Trainers was extremely helpful. They added extra stimulus during the intense scenario. I’d use them again for sure!
— Lieutenant Ryan Mitchell FF, PM, BA
US&R Scenario Photo Disaster Medical Solutions

US&R Scenario Photo Disaster Medical Solutions

Photo credit: ENASimWars & PocketNurse

Photo credit: ENASimWars & PocketNurse

  • Realistic -
    Haptic feedback: palpate rolling vessels, feel skin and vessel “pop”, auditory feedback: tone with deep IV catheter insertion, and visual feedback with flashback.

  • Quick & Easy Set-up -
    Usually 5 minutes or less, from storage bag to ready for IV catheter insertions.

  • Focused on the patient -
    IV trainers created and tested by clinicians, they combine human communication / interaction with the practice of hands-on skills.

  • Portable -
    Wearable, lightweight IV trainers that can be used in classrooms, laboratories, scenarios, IPEs, and in the field exercises and drills, and close-space and austere environments.

  • Affordable -
    The cost of these IV trainers is within the range of most clinical textbooks.

  • Durable -
    The adult size IV trainer maintains the integrity of the skin for approx. 250 insertion attempts (w / 20g). Simulated blood vessels filled / refilled in a variety of sizes, plus 2 types of continuous flow vessels.

  • Adaptable -
    IV trainer sizes for adults, pediatric and children. It can be used by a person and can be placed on a manikin or simulated arm to improve / expand existing resources and technologies.

  • Safe skills practice -
    Develop competence and gain confidence through repeated safe practices learning to start an IV or draw blood with immediate feedback.

  • RLSimApp - Goal Evaluation
    The ReaLifeSim application (optional) provides secure access on Apple and Android devices to record individual performance of hands-on IV training and communication skills or 10 minutes of team interactions with cloud synchronization and remote access Instructor / facilitator review for evaluation and comments.


A fantastic way to learn giving an IV to a real patient. Having the product on a person really enhances the experience.

— BSN student
ReaLifeSim IV task-trainer is a great product for teaching proper hand positioning, catheter manipulation, and patient interaction.

— ADN student, USN Corpsman veteran