Giving Back

BGEI/ReaLifeSim Team members are community advocates, leading by example to give back. No matter where we are or what we do, we never lose sight that we can each make a positive impact on individuals and the community at large. We donate time and money to organizations with missions to support the infrastructure required for a healthy community.

Our BGEI Team is a member of the Pledge 1% campaign. Pledge 1% is a global movement that’s creating a new normal for companies of all sizes and stages to integrate giving back into their culture and values.  Member companies pledge to give 1% of either their time, product, profit, or equity to whatever charity they choose.


During this month’s Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce Health Council meeting, we presented the Medical Studies Career Academy at Mandarin High School, Jacksonville, FL with a donated ReaLifeSim IV/Phlebotomy Starter Set. Explaining the impact such a donation will have on the students, Angela Collins, RN, Instructor shared, “If we can get the students more comfortable with dealing with people, because they have to make that person to person contact, then that’s going to enhance their learning, making them more comfortable and ultimately more successful in the future.”


Dec/Jan: We donated five ReaLifeSim “Starter Sets during the “season of giving”, deciding that was the best way to pay it forward. Schools earned an opportunity to be considered for the donations by sharing how their students would benefit from the added realism in practicing hands-on and communication skills with ReaLifeSim products. Congratulations for the donations went to East Texas Baptist University School of Nursing, East Central College, Carr College of Nursing, Harding University, San Francisco State University School of Nursing and The Vocational Nursing Institute, Inc.

A portion of donations collected in Maryland and delivered to North Carolina.

A portion of donations collected in Maryland and delivered to North Carolina.

HIGHLIGHT - FA2018 Jacqueline Bass and Shannon Miles are members of our BGEI family, but more importantly - they are active community advocates. Working together from Maryland and North Carolina, they bridged the distance creating an opportunity for neighbors to help neighbors.

Working with her friend and former Southern Maryland neighbor, Jackie, vice-president of communications for the Junior League of Wilmington, Shannon was put in touch with Pender Pediatric Therapy (speech and language pathology) in Burgaw, NC. The facility serves as a collection point for donations destined for Pender County. This area had children still out of school four weeks post-hurricane and had not benefited as much from the first round of recovery efforts.

ARMYadopted unit.jpeg


ALL members of the Unit returned safely to their families and friends here in the USA.

In the Winter of 2017, BGEI “adopted” a U.S. Army Soldier and her Unit during their middle east deployment that began Nov 2017 and concluded May 2018. 

Many of our BGEI team have served or have family that served in the military. Sending a monthly package is a small thank you for the sacrifices that are made.

We've been collecting donations from our team members and partnered with Grace Baptist Church School, SMiles  Media,  and NYRAD Innovative Engineering to care packages for the duration of their deployment.

When you're looking for a place to give back, we'd be pleased for you to consider these organizations as potential recipients for your generosity.  

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