Clinician created products for healthcare and veterinary skills training accessible to
any person, any time, any where!

ReaLifeSim & VetReaLifeSim in Education Settings

Our affordable, wearable simulation solutions enhance the realism of clinical skills practice, providing smarter, more efficient experiences to train the way you treat. The advanced model includes the free companion ReaLifeSim App for secure access to record/review individual skills performance, along with cloud syncing, remote instructor review, and advanced reporting options. 


ReaLifeSim in Telemedicine

Assistance from a distance is a great option to have. Our ReaLifeSim Team focuses on the essential element of direct person-to-person healthcare delivery on the other side of the monitor.
Higher acuity patients remain in rural areas under the guidance of the telemedicine team. Local healthcare professionals are expected to provide care for more people, and at higher levels of acuity. ReaLifeSim provides practice for clinical hands-on skills to start an IV and communication skills. This practice helps providers develop the competency required to provide the care needed. Like telemedicine, ReaLifeSim provides the opportunity to work with expert guidance from a professional in a different location.