Initial Inventory Check

  • Carefully remove the items from the package and remove any packing materials.
  • Please use your packing slip to check that all items listed are included in the package.

WARNING: ReaLifeSim products are intended exclusively for educational purposes and should only be used under the supervision of a professional clinical educator/trainer. It is strictly prohibited for use in medical situations. All usage of ReaLifeSim products and the RLSimApp is subject to the terms & use conditions and privacy policies on our company website.

ReaLifeSim Adult IV Task Training Sleeve Inventory

  • Per Unit Adult Inventory     
    • One (1) Adult ReaLifeSim Vas-sleeve in a carry bag
    • If advanced version WITH RLSimAPP - one (1) battery box with connector cable. Check that the battery box has a label displaying an identifying number for your ReaLifeSim product. Open the battery box and insert 2 “AA” batteries. (Not included) 
    • ***Simulated Blood Vessels (SBV) sold separately (5 vessels per pack)
  • Per Package Inventory  
    • Starter Set Package
      One (1) Standard Adult ReaLifeSim Vas-sleeve (NO App) + one (1) pack of 5 standard prefilled 5" SBVs 

If any component is missing, please contact us immediately for a replacement. Our contact information is located on your packing slip.

Battery Insertion in Advanced Version Only

  1. Use your thumb to press on the arrow to open the lid of the battery box.
  2. Open the box and orient the box so that the space for the two AA batteries faces you.
  3. Place the batteries into the box as shown below.
  4. Slide the lid back onto the box and line up the two latches in the lid with the holes in the box.
  5. Push the lid until the lid snaps into place as the latches go through the holes and the two squares fit into their slots.