ReaLifeSim Debuts Its Vision of the Future at the IMSH2019 SIMVentor Showcase


Mixed Reality Features Overview

The ReaLifeSim unique mixed reality solution combines augmented reality with ReaLifeSim wearable hybrid simulators (AR-RLS) to replicate real-world clinical skills training. Learners develop competence by combining AR and safe hands-on skills practice on a SP (or manikin) with authentic haptic, visual, and interactive feedback. AR-RLS mixed reality experiences establish a sense of “presence” and emotional connection in learners by including the pressure of working with real people, in a variety of challenging environments, emphasizing the influence of human factors.


Wearable ReaLifeSim Hybrid Simulation IV Trainer

Physical feedback includes:

  1. Haptic - palpate rolling vessels & feel skin and vessel “pop”.

  2. Auditory - tone if deep needle insertion.

  3. Visual - flashback.

The software runs on mobile devices as an app for easy updates. Embedded Sensors:

  1. Track skill performance over time with BLE technology.

  2. Provide multiple sources of objective data.

  3. Record/save/store skills performance

  4. Remote access for review and feedback


3D Image Overlays of ReaLifeSim IV Trainer

Overlaying digital information into the existing environment is achieved by working with 3D images of a ReaLifeSim IV Trainer. Using multi-markers to increase tracking performance and enhance the stability of the 3D images - ReaLifeSim IV Trainers, simulated blood vessels, IV catheters, gloves can be sensed by the app to provide real-time digital information integration into the individual’s visual environment.


Augmented Reality ReaLifeSim IV Trainer

This unique mixed reality solution combining globally utilized ReaLifeSim hybrid IV trainer with augmented real-time 3D image overlays provides realistic, risk-free, immersive learning experiences.

The AR component helps students to better comprehend spatial relationships, deepen knowledge, and strengthen patient care in a highly interactive virtual and physical environment.

AR-RLS provides a realistic platform to work under the pressure of practicing with real people and the influence of human factors on hands-on and interaction communication skills.