Community and the Season of Giving


Community and the Season of Giving

The “Season of Giving” has become a popular catch phrase or tag line in many commercials and appeals for holiday donations. It’s a good concept and an important reminder to look beyond ourselves and immediate families, to share with those who, for any number of reasons, have less of life’s bounty to enjoy.

As Americans we are blessed with abundant choices. This is no less true when it comes to finding a group, association or organization whose main mission is helping others and so doing helping each of us have a little nicer world in which to live. Despite all the ways we have of receiving information these days, we are often unaware of the needs that exist right in our community. Look around and you may be surprised to find a need you can help with close by.

You can support the ongoing needs of our homeless and hungry, our youth and seniors, our ill and isolated, our cancer fighters and survivors, our first responders, our active duty military and veterans, our animal rescue teams, and the list goes on. They all need your help all year long. Whether you send a check, donate goods or services or volunteer your time, it all counts. It all helps.

BGEI proudly sent 8 jam packed care packages overseas to our military family. Snacks, games, essentials and even some well written letters from Grace Baptist Church Daycare kids (ages 4-10) showing our gratitude for the sacrifices that are being made. 

BGEI proudly sent 8 jam packed care packages overseas to our military family. Snacks, games, essentials and even some well written letters from Grace Baptist Church Daycare kids (ages 4-10) showing our gratitude for the sacrifices that are being made. 

We as businesses, large and small, are usually good at getting our messages about the quality, convenience or price of our products out to our publics, but can forget how important it is to demonstrate our sense of corporate citizenship in the communities in which we operate. No matter the size of your enterprise, let those in your community see you for the neighbors you are.

For us, at ReaLifeSim, we are proud to be supporting a military unit throughout their overseas deployment. We challenge each of you reading this to choose to help! Remember it’s not the size of the gift, sometimes not even the item itself, but the simple fact that someone is thinking of them and cares enough to share their time. It’s your gift of love and hope that makes the difference.  

Here’s to making a New Year’s resolution that includes a year-long “Season of Giving”! Start today. After all, today is “Giving Tuesday”.


ReaLifeSim Trainer of Choice for 2017 EMSWorld Expo Clinical Challenge

The “EMSWorld Clinical Challenge” is taking place October 18, 19, & 20 during the EMSWorld Expo in Las Vegas, where teams of two will respond to challenging, award- winning scenarios that test  medical knowledge, critical thinking skills, teamwork and situational awareness in ALS or BLS tracks. A panel of judges evaluate performance and provide valuable feedback.

ReaLifeSim IV Task Trainers were selected to be used for participants to demonstrate their ability to "start an IV" on the standardized participant during the event scenarios. Wearable ReaLifeSim products are created with life-like skin and vessels to provide the realistic double "pop" and easily visible flashback of simulated blood when the IV catheter is properly inserted.

ReaLifeSim is Leading Disruptive Innovation with Wearable Data Tracking Clinical Task Trainers.

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Innovative Veterinary Training Tools Debut at National AVMA Convention

VetReaLifeSim Training Products Improve Hands-on Skills and Boost Confidence

VetReaLifeSim wearable task trainers are the first of their kind to integrate realistic anatomical features with aerospace industry technology to enhance the practice of clinical skills. They incorporate a solid metal protective layer to ensure no animals are injured during a practice session. Individuals, armed with knowledge, hands-on and human-animal interaction skills will be highly sought after in the veterinary career field, and most importantly will bring improved quality of care to pets and other animals in our community. This new training tool is one way to create the most realistic veterinary clinical experience for those already in, or choosing to enter, the veterinary health field.

ReaLifeSim Competing for TechCo's Start-Up of the Year 2017

Our Start-Up ReaLifeSim is competing for TechCo's Start-Up of the Year! ReaLifeSim human-centered products provide opportunities to repeatedly practice communication and hands-on skills with immediate objective feedback. 

ReaLifeSim & VetReaLifeSim - Provide an affordable, wearable simulation solution for healthcare or veterinary skills training. Connect clinical skills practice and communication interaction with IoT.  ReaLifeSim App - Provides secure access to record and review skills performance, along with cloud syncing, instructor review, and advanced reporting capabilities.

Link to, scroll down the alphabetical list to ReaLifeSim and VOTE! You MUST enter your email address for your vote to be COUNTED. Voting ends July 12, 2017.