Playing Sick For Clinical Practice

The Surreal Drama of Actors Playing Sick for Med Students - We educators will never cease in our quest for more and better learning opportunities for our students.

Clinical healthcare simulation is the current trend for training and assessing healthcare professionals using advanced technology. Basically, clinical simulation provides the experiential learning every medical and healthcare professional will need, but may not experience during real-life patient encounters. Virtual and mixed reality worlds are also powerful learning environments which can be used to engage learner’s multiple senses and facilitate complex, authentic and simulated experiences. But, there is no substitute for the actual practice and assessment of specific requisite skills in an authentic setting.

Here "actors"  are portraying patients because they can "act" the part. This is an excellent teaching strategy to emphasize the need for interpersonal communication while providing care .  But, they could more accurately portray patients if the clinical realism was enhanced by the wearing of ReaLifeSim devices.