ReaLifeSim IV Trainer of Choice for 2017 EMSWorld Expo Clinical Challenge

The “EMSWorld Clinical Challenge” is taking place October 18, 19, & 20 during the EMSWorld Expo in Las Vegas, where teams of two will respond to challenging, award- winning scenarios that test  medical knowledge, critical thinking skills, teamwork and situational awareness in ALS or BLS tracks. A panel of judges evaluate performance and provide valuable feedback.

ReaLifeSim IV Task Trainers were selected to be used for participants to demonstrate their ability to "start an IV" on the standardized participant during the event scenarios. Wearable ReaLifeSim products are created with life-like skin and vessels to provide the realistic double "pop" and easily visible flashback of simulated blood when the IV catheter is properly inserted.

ReaLifeSim is Leading Disruptive Innovation with Wearable Data Tracking Clinical Task Trainers.

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