Product Update - RLSimApp for iPhone & IPAD released!

Look to our Blog for important updates related to RLSimApp upgrades and new ReaLifeSim products.

1.      Follow the user guide instructions on our website to activate App functions.
The RLSimApp is available for Apple platform smartphones and tablet
. Follow the user guide instructions on our website to link to the installation instructions. It will not be available through the Apple Store for a few more weeks as we go through their approval process.

2.       RLSimApp will be available for Android smartphones and tablets the 1st full week of June (possibly sooner!) We will share all RLSimApp updates information in our BLOG on our website.

Please use the Contact Us link on our website, respond to our Blog, or email us directly at with any questions, concerns or feedback. We will do our best to respond to your message within one (1) business day from the date it was received.