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ReaLifeSim Named a “Top 10” Simulation Solution Provider


Wearable Clinical Simulation Products to Enhance “Train the Way You Treat”

ReaLifeSim, LLC (RLS), the leading wearable vascular access trainer provider, has been named one of the “Top 10 Healthcare Simulation Solution Providers of 2018.” This small, women-owned business was recognized for innovative clinical simulation products used to “train the way you treat” by the experts at Healthcare Tech Outlook, a respected resource for decision-makers regarding the dynamic changes technology is having on the healthcare industry.

“Their (ReaLifeSim) unique products provide safe, repeated skills practice on a live person, allowing the learner to interact as they would in a real-life situation, creating a “train the way you treat” learning experience. They also promote a heightened sense of “presence” and emotional connection by engaging learners’ senses and emotions in a “real-life” simulation,” cited Healthcare Tech Outlook in their December issue.

After being informed of her company’s selection, Elizabeth Benson, RN, co-founder and CEO of B &G Educational Innovations, LLC (BGEI) - parent company of ReaLifeSim, LLC, reported “We are honored to be included in this select group of fellow businesses and organizations working to bring ever greater realism to clinical simulation education.”

BGEI is known as a disruptively innovative leader in hybrid clinical simulation education, designing, manufacturing, and distributing wearable peripheral vascular access training products for healthcare under the ReaLifeSim brand. “We’re providing an affordable product that improves clinical training, creating competent and confident clinicians, which leads to better patient outcomes,” explained Benson. 

Benson created disruption of her own during a “shark tank”-like competition, at the One Spark innovation conference, when she gave a calculated “cold shoulder” to two of the judges about to evaluate her “pitch.”  The resulting head turning and almost audible gasp from those in attendance was the feedback she expected. She had their attention. Instead of explaining the impact poor communication could have on patient trust, Benson made them feel it. Improved provider/patient communication is one of the benefits of her ReaLifeSim wearable trainers.


Benson and co-founder Linda Goodman, RN, CHSE, received their own disruptive news later that day when it was announced they placed second, but the pitch was so compelling they were awarded the first place prize. The fact that BGEI did not yet have a minimally viable product (MVP) was very much in the “non-traditional” category for new start-up ventures.

Less than 90 days later, Benson and her husband, half of the core business team at the time, relocated from their home in Maryland to Jacksonville and went to work.

Since then, Benson and the BGEI team:

  • contracted with a Florida manufacturer,

  • conducted lab and field testing,

  • refined the design and developed an App to record and track the skill performance and record the student’s interaction with the “patient,”

  • debuted the device at a world simulation conference,

  • contracted with several well-known distributors covering sales in 18 countries,

  • was selected to participate in an Enterprise Florida-US Department of Commerce-sponsored trade mission to Costa Rica,

  • and their ReaLifeSim IV task trainer was selected for use in several EMS/First Responder competitions and FEMA-approved Urban Search and Rescue courses for its added realism.

experts choose us3.jpg

 ReaLifeSim is used in classrooms and labs, hospitals and clinics, fields and farms, and in scenarios/training events including disaster, close-space and austere rescue environments. Experts in national and international venues routinely choose ReaLifeSim because their clinically challenging scenarios require IV realism.


“The closer we can get the students to a ‘real call’, the better we can transition them from students to practitioners. ReaLifeSim IV trainer added another level of realism to our scenarios. This tool really helps achieve that goal,” shared TSC EMS Faculty, Hector Martinez.

Dr. Ryan Jacobson, Johnson County, KS, EMS Medical Director participant, Disaster Medical Solutions US&R course using ReaLifeSim reported, “Real world training with Real patients wearing ReaLifeSim in Night Training was the best, high fidelity out-of-hospital training I’ve had!”


"ReaLifeSim is great! Our current simulation arms are so bulky…not really practical to put on an SP. The arms and manikins we use don’t really simulate an actual patient, so ReaLifeSim is fantastic," shared a RN standardized patient educator at #ASPE2018.

"My students really loved working with and wearing ReaLifeSim. I was pleased to see the blood return was more realistic than a simulation arm and I like that we can use it to practice giving medications," reported Judy Comeaux, DNP, ARNP, BSN Program Director, UNF.

“Being named among the top 10 healthcare simulation solution providers is a noteworthy achievement for ReaLifeSim,” said Benson, “This is a significant validation of our focus on the human element of patient-centric care and clinical training, and my team’s efforts to date.”

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James Benson, Chief Communications Officer

James Benson is a career public relations executive with over 38 years’ experience communicating with diverse audiences in a wide variety of venues. A retired Air Force officer, he spent the latter half of his Air Force career as a public affairs officer enjoying a series of one-of-a-kind positions with equally unique communication challenges. From arranging press conferences, to producing news and training videos, to explaining research, development and contracting issues to the media, he enjoyed tuning in to each audience to ensure the message was received and understood. As the marketing director of a mid-sized hospital, Mr. Benson directed the advertising and promotion of membership and referral programs and community health fairs, conducted outreach efforts to rural health care clinics and community education programs, created a trade show display and produced and hosted a radio health program. At the Department of Veterans Affairs, Mr. Benson served as a senior public affairs executive responding to media requests, preparing senior officials and subject matter experts for media interviews, hosting a magazine-style television program with benefit information for Veterans and providing emcee support for numerous department and public ceremonies and special events. As an adjunct professor, Mr. Benson has taught classes in communications for the past 10 years. Currently, Mr. Benson is providing strategic communications, media relations and marketing support to B & G Educational Innovations, LLC, makers of ReaLifeSim clinical simulation training products