Experts Choose ReaLifeSim!!!


Clinician-designed ReaLifeSim products provide a smart, efficient experience for learners to “train the way you treat”. Learners wearing ReaLifeSim products safely “treat” each other – experiencing a realistic double “pop” with the needle going through the skin and into the vessel, rolling vessels, and a strong flashback.
All this plus real interaction! Nearly all our products cost less than the average cost of a clinical textbook and provide safe, realistic pre-hospital and healthcare skills practice! 

Skills Assessment! 

The companion RLSimApp is the FIRST of its kind, bringing IoT into clinical training available to any student, any time, any where. RLSimApp time-date stamps every needle and catheter insertion attempt that goes deep enough to cause potential nerve or bone injury in a real patient. And, it records 10 minutes of interaction. All this is then reviewable of the app and through the facilitator portal, where the instructor can see, listen, and provide feedback for the student’s recorded practice sessions and scenario performances. English, Spanish, French, and German language localizations on screen and in the portal are standard.


Learners working with ReaLifeSim gain competence and confidence from enhanced simulations scenarios, static skills and interpersonal communication practice and interpersonal communication practice, as well as from the individual recording and review of their skills performance.