VetReaLifeSim IV Trainer Team Recognizes Working K9 Emergency Care Trainers and Providers


Disaster Medical Solutions offers realistic state-of-the-art training and education courses with proven science and protocols in the Medical Disciplines of Technical Rescue, Tactical Operations, Disaster Preparedness, and CBRNE to members of municipal (government) and industrial (private) Emergency Response Teams both, domestically and internationally. Taking Good Medicine to Bad Places ™

The Advanced Canine Veterinary Care course is designed to provide classroom and practical skills for Canine Handlers. It covers concepts in emergency casualty care for canines and includes use of a hyper-realistic training system based on a high fidelity canine simulator. This course is being offered as a pre-conference course at the Medical Special Operations Conference ( MSOC )  in NYC.

The first of its kind in the world of emergency scenario training for Tactical Canine Casualty Care. Our wirelessly controlled canine mannequin replicates the popular Belgian Malinois breed of service dogs, and facilitates canine emergency medical care by simulating the common traumatic injuries these service dogs experience Weighing approximately 70 lbs, the K9 mannequin barks, bleeds and breathes just like the real thing.
When your k9 partner is threatened, you’ll be prepared!



Devoted to ensuring all K9s have access to leading edge medical care equal to the best human standards available in the field. K9 MEDIC, dedicated to Serving K9s in THEIR Time of Need!

Working K9s perform invaluable and crucial life saving work. They protect us, defend us, and lead the way in times of danger. As our partners, they are always there when we need them, ready to serve with their lives. Like other members of the team, working K9s may become injured or ill in the field and in extreme conditions where veterinary care is unavailable.


K9 Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (K9 TECC)

Established in 2014, the K9 Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (K9 TECC) Initiative working group was developed under the auspice of the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care ( with the intent of developing best practice prehospital care guidelines for Operational K9s injured in the Line of Duty.

The K9-TECC working group extracts available evidence-based medicine, lessons learned from MWD combat casualties, and end-user experience from the front line to develop best practice recommendations for out-of-hospital care for the injured Operational K9 (OpK9). K9-TECC principles focus on interventions that eliminate the major preventable causes of death and that are affordable, sustainable, and require minimal training and resources. Similar to human TECC guidelines (available at, K9 TECC principles are incorporated into three dynamic phases of care: Direct Threat Care (DTC)/Hot Zone, Indirect Threat Care (ITC)/Warm Zone, and Evacuation (EVAC)/ Cold Zone.



What would you do?
If your best friend or K9 partner were hit by a car, wounded in a horrific incident like the Boston Marathon bombin, bitten by another dog or poisoned by an ill-intentioned neighbor...

No one wants to think about our K9s bleeding to death before our eyes from a bullet or stab wound, or struggling to breath after being hit by a car, or acting “weird” because they’ve ingested something that is in the process of killing them from the inside. We can ‘hope’ this never happens or prepare for the worst and save a life in the direst of circumstances.

Train for the worst because ‘hope’ is not a plan.

These courses are intense!
K911 was designed to provide lifesaving care at the point of injury to our beloved K9s. Our courses are about stopping the death spiral from catastrophic injuries so you can buy them the time they need to get to a qualified veterinarian.

K911 is NOT how to pull splinters out of paws.  K911 is about K9s surviving otherwise deadly wounds so they are alive and viable when you get them to a veterinarian.

Tons of Hands On!
We teach, we train, we drill, we drill, we drill! Learn to operate under extreme stress and train like our military’s special operations forces.  Our courses use a progressive stress training system to program your frog brain to perform when your intellectual brain is overwhelmed.
Your Success is Our Priority
Whether you’re a K9-Cop, Search and Rescue handler, or civilian whose dog is a member of your family, if you feel you cannot perform the skills you learn in our courses while under the worst of conditions and highest of stress, you can repeat our courses free of charge until you can. 

It’s not about you, it’s about your best friend.



Working dogs are essential in keeping their human teammates safe on the street or battlefield, and veterinary care is often hours to days away. Are you prepared to care for an injured K9? What will your tactical K9 program do if one of its valuable K9 team members are injured? VTG offers the skill and experience that cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the industry. We have a mission-focused, make-it-happen mindset.

VTG OFFERS mission-relevant veterinary consulting for your tactical K9 programs. Services offered include:

  • Veterinary emergency training for dog handlers, tactical medics and veterinary personnel

  • Veterinary event and mission support

  • Pre-deployment readiness

  • Sports medicine and rehabilitation

  • Research, development and capabilities advancement

  • Technical writing

  • Canine program development

VTG consultants understand your operating environment, value your security requirements and provide customized services for your specific mission.