Wearable Training Technology with ReaLifeSim IV Trainers

ReaLifeSim wearable clinical training tools are designed by clinicians. Worn by real people to add the human factor and encourage provider-patient and team communication, they can also be used as an "add-on" to manikins for enhanced function and extended sustainability. ReaLifeSim products provide smarter, more efficient experiences for students to "train the way you treat."


ReaLifeSim provides a high level of physical fidelity, while providing the opportunity to relate to a “patient” on a human level - exactly what’s needed for developing health care professions learners.

The importance of including the human dimension in clinical simulation training while providing as much realism as current technology will permit is critical to advancing both the hands-on and communication skills of our future healthcare providers.

This is great! Our devices are so bulky…not really practical to put on an SP. The arms and manikins we use don’t really simulate an actual patient, so this is fantastic!
— Nurse and standardized patient educator when visiting the ReaLifeSim booth at the ASPE2018 conference

It won’t come as a surprise to learn educators and clinicians consistently provide positive and affirming feedback. 

We’re looking for anything [simulation devices] that can incorporate the human factor. This device does that beautifully. I love it.
— SP educator and conference attendee
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Others had observed the same need we had, and now our solution, ReaLifeSim, is available to everyone. The enthusiastic encouragement and support for the IV trainer has been very gratifying, We’re providing an affordable product that improves clinical training creating competent, confident clinicians and leading to better patient outcomes.