Patient Safety - The Human Factor & ReaLifeSim IV Trainer

"Humans are an asset because of their ability to anticipate risk before errors occur and to create innovative solutions when needed."


We don’t live life in a controlled lab setting - it’s all about real people doing real things for those in vulnerable, potentially dangerous conditions.

Our wearable IV trainers are designed for use in any environment and focus on the human factor in hands-on and interaction communication skills development and assessment. Help reduce preventable medical errors and minimize human factor mishaps by improving the realism in clinical skills practice.

Now YOU can provide more opportunities to safely experience the influence of human factors during simulation training with ReaLifeSim & VetReaLifeSim. Wearable ReaLifeSim & VetReaLifeSim IV trainers & blood draw trainers provide high-quality, smart, and efficient experiences for learners to "train the way you treat."

"In 1999, the Institute of Medicine published “To Err Is Human.” This landmark report turned a spotlight on medical errors and the resulting harm to patients. Before the report, most physicians and hospitals assumed that errors were rare, didn’t harm patients, or were unavoidable. Once physicians and safety experts realized that these three assumptions were wrong, they began to develop ways to identify when errors occur, discover their causes, and redesign processes so the same errors didn’t occur again. This approach, called Safety I, focuses on learning from things that go wrong. It has helped hospitals become much safer. 

IVMedication_10550_300xcourtesy Advance for Nurses.jpg

Safety II recognizes that health care delivery is an astoundingly complex and variable process. Even so, the vast majority of the time errors are avoided and things go well. Instead of focusing on the increasingly rare times when things go wrong, learning from how errors are avoided can be used to further improve safety."



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