VetReaLifeSim gives a round of a-paws to veterinarian training!

When it comes to enhancing the realism of healthcare simulation experiences for future care providers, let’s not forget those who provide care to patients who are not human. I’m referring to the 110K+ veterinarians providing care to the more than 393 million pets in the U.S. alone. In 2017, American pet owners spent nearly $70 billion (est.) on their pets, ranging from fresh water fish to horses not to mention plenty of cats and dogs.

    Have you ever thought about the challenges of explaining to a dog how your efforts to draw blood or start an IV will only “feel like a pinch” or “remember not to flinch or jump or turn quickly to see what just went by the door or what other dog is barking? If you ever needed to have excellent hands-on skills and the ability to communicate your confidence and caring through your voice and touch, it’s now. Research, innovation and creativity are combining to bring evermore realism to the veterinary medicine simulation field.

    It’s Healthcare Simulation Week 2018 and VetReaLifeSim, LLC offers a high fin, claw, hoof or paw to all those working hard to make veterinarian training less painful to current and future patients.

James Benson, Chief Communications Officer

James Benson is a career public relations executive with over 38 years’ experience communicating with diverse audiences in a wide variety of venues. A retired Air Force officer, he spent the latter half of his Air Force career as a public affairs officer enjoying a series of one-of-a-kind positions with equally unique communication challenges. From arranging press conferences, to producing news and training videos, to explaining research, development and contracting issues to the media, he enjoyed tuning in to each audience to ensure the message was received and understood. As the marketing director of a mid-sized hospital, Mr. Benson directed the advertising and promotion of membership and referral programs and community health fairs, conducted outreach efforts to rural health care clinics and community education programs, created a trade show display and produced and hosted a radio health program. At the Department of Veterans Affairs, Mr. Benson served as a senior public affairs executive responding to media requests, preparing senior officials and subject matter experts for media interviews, hosting a magazine-style television program with benefit information for Veterans and providing emcee support for numerous department and public ceremonies and special events. As an adjunct professor, Mr. Benson has taught classes in communications for the past 10 years. Currently, Mr. Benson is providing strategic communications, media relations and marketing support to B & G Educational Innovations, LLC, makers of ReaLifeSim clinical simulation training products