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Add "Real Life" realism to your training and scenarios

In training, as well as in practice, effective interpersonal and team communication should be equal partners with the latest technologies to provide the best treatment and care.

Realistic team interaction practice helps prevent panic, promote appropriate behaviors and coordinated responses among stakeholders, and prioritize mobilizing resources. A look, a tone of voice, a facial expression, a touch - all can communicate competence and caring. Interpersonal communication is critical to establishing the trust necessary between the provider and recipient of care in the healthcare environment.

Courtesy of #ENA18

Courtesy of #ENA18

Increasing the use of standardized participants in clinical simulations can provide high-fidelity clinical simulations and human interaction. They allow participants (student and providers) to try to work together in an environment that is as close to the real thing as possible.  This allows people to identify and correct the challenges that can occur as multiple people and perhaps multiple agencies try to coordinate responses in training scenarios/events - large and small.

Clinical simulation scenarios with standardized participants provide some of the most realistic opportunities possible: the ability to look at the patient, speak to the patient, hear the patient, observe the patient’s non-verbal responses, to be heard and seen by the patient.

We believe the skills necessary for clinical competence and effective interpersonal communication can be learned through experience in a clinical simulation with standardized participants. 

But, the clinical realism of standardized participants needed to be enhanced, providing us with a new frontier in simulation advancement.

We designed these products because we saw the need for them in our own education environments.


We believe enhancing the realism of standardized participants with our cost effective wearable clinical simulation devices, healthcare students and clinicians can be provided the opportunity to interact with a human in the most realistic clinical simulation possible.  

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