ReaLifeSim Donates to Mandarin H.S. Medical Studies Academy


The Medical Studies Career Academy at Mandarin High School was the recipient of an innovative clinical training tool last week, thanks to a donation from a local small business, B&G Educational Innovations, LLC (BGEI), makers of ReaLifeSim clinical simulation training products. 

The donation was presented by Elizabeth Benson, RN, M.Ed., co-founder and CEO of BGEI during the recent Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce Health Council meeting at Deerwood Country Club in Southside.                   

“From the beginning, our goal has been to improve patient outcomes by making the education and training of future doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other clinical staff as realistic as possible,” explained Benson. “We are delighted to offer our IV/Phlebotomy trainer to the Medical Studies Career Academy for students who have already shown a serious interest in pursuing a career in medicine and healthcare.”

The training tool allows students to repeatedly and safely practice starting an IV or drawing blood, two very common, yet important clinical skills. Because the trainer is wearable, students can safely practice hands-on clinical skills working with a live person, relating to them as they would in a real-life situation.

Studies continue to show technical and communication errors are at the root of most of the morbidity and mortality statistics reported each year. As a result, more emphasis is being placed on training that involves live humans to enhance the realism.

“It’s an awesome opportunity to bring new technology into our program because … we’re always looking for ways to enhance the classroom and the student learning,” said Angela Collins, Health Science Instructor at the school’s academy, after accepting the donation.

“If you can get them more comfortable with dealing with people, because they have to make that person to person contact, then that’s going to enhance their learning, make them more comfortable and ultimately make them more successful in the future,” added Collins, explaining the impact such a donation can have on the students.

BGEI is a leader in the movement to change industry thinking about how simulation needs to work, shifting the focus to realism. Recent accolades include recognition as one of the top twelve “Patient Safety Advocates” from Medical Training Magazine (Jan 2019). The magazine made their selection from solicited subscriber nominations worldwide. BGEI also earned recognition as a “Top 10 Healthcare Simulation Solution Provider” by Healthcare Tech Outlook (Nov, 2018).

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