Combining Efforts to Extend Reach of Realistic Simulation in Healthcare Education

ReaLifeSim Teams with ECHO Healthcare

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ReaLifeSim and ECHO Healthcare announced they’re working together to extend the reach of ReaLifeSim products and increase awareness and enhance patient safety through more realistic and immersive education and training.

“We are pleased to welcome ECHO Healthcare to our network of collaborators as we share the same perspective on the growing importance of simulation and immersive training scenarios to raise the level of learner competence and confidence, improving patient care and safety,” explained Elizabeth Benson, co-founder and CEO of ReaLifeSim, LLC.


ECHO Healthcare is a progressive healthcare simulation and technology company with over 20 years’ experience focused on improving educational experiences through innovation. “Coming from health care backgrounds, I recognized instantly that Elizabeth and I shared a common vision for improved patient outcomes through innovation,” said Kevin King, ECHO’s CEO. “We are proud to represent select global brands – now including ReaLifeSim - that are aligned with our mission to improve patient care through education,” King added.


ReaLifeSim, LLC, a disruptively innovative company, has been earning industry recognition as a Top 10 Healthcare Simulation Solution Provider for 2018 by Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine and a Top 12 Company in Patient Safety Advocacy by Medical Training Magazine. Globally utilized ReaLifeSim hybrid wearable products provide safe, risk-free, immersive learning by creating a realistic platform to work under the pressure of practicing on real people or manikins.  


The two companies already share a link to a third enterprise, Lifecast Body Simulation, a UK based firm creating realistic body manikins from castings of real people for use in healthcare simulation education. “We have been using the ReaLifeSim tools with our Lifecast bodies throughout the world to enhance the simulation abilities of the Lifecast manikins,” explained David Halliwell, Director of Lifecast. “We are pleased to see ECHO Healthcare and ReaLifeSim combining to support the growth of realism in clinical simulation,” he added. ECHO Healthcare distributes Lifecast products throughout the United States and Canada.

ReaLifeSim, LLC, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of B&G Educational Innovations, LLC, (BGEI).

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