"ReaLifeSim is a Real Game-Changer!"

ReaLifeSim is a game changer! Historically the students struggle with getting the IV in the simulator (arms), but not with the ReaLifeSim IV trainer. The ease of use and the ease of prep and clean up make it a real value. Great product!
— D. Tauber, MSN, RN, CHSE, CEN, CEO/Founder Innovative SimSolutions LLC

ReaLifeSim was created because we saw the need for more realism in our own clinical education environments.

Photo Credit: Pocket Nurse

Photo Credit: Pocket Nurse

We needed a better way to "train the way you treat"and improve patient outcomes by improving the IV skills training available to students and existing care providers.

The closer we can get the students to a ‘real call’, the better we can transition them from students to practitioners. ReaLifeSim IV trainer added another level of realism to our scenarios. This tool really helps achieve that goal.
— H. Martinez, EMS Faculty, Texas Southmost College, TX
Photo credit: ENA

Photo credit: ENA

Wearable hybrid ReaLifeSim IV Training Simulators provide more efficient training opportunities to develop communication and hands-on skills competency and confidence.

ReaLifeSim sparked a revitalized focus on the human element of patient-centric care and clinical training.

ReaLifeSim helps our students experience a more realistic situation and become more confident in IV skills.
— C. Cummings, RN, EdD, Accelerated Program Director, UNF

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