Celebrating Healthcare Simulation Week


This week nearly everyone involved in clinical simulation education will be taking time to recognize the pioneers and to celebrate ongoing advances to help suspend disbelief in Healthcare Simulation.



Because it’s Healthcare Simulation Week 2019!

Simulation education is dedicated to improving the quality of worldwide healthcare by using high quality healthcare simulation as a substitute for part of the traditional clinical training experience which is unpredictable and has becoming less available.


Adding humans into clinical simulation scenarios is not a new thing, but it is OUR thing.


We celebrate the advance of wearable simulation training products. Our ReaLifeSim products are designed to be worn by SP’s or standardized patients (volunteers or actors) offering more ways for students to safely practice their hands-on and communication skills.


This is a good time to send a special shout out to the pioneer of standardized patients - Howard S. Barrows, M.D..

Dr. Barrows, a neurologist and medical educator created the first standardized patient in 1963 for his third-year neurology clerkship while teaching at the University of Southern California.


ReaLifeSim wearable clinical training tools are designed by clinicians to train the way we treat.

Worn by real people to encourage provider-patient and team communication, they can also be used as an "add-on" to manikins for enhanced function and extended sustainability.

ReaLifeSim products provide smarter, more efficient experiences for students to safely "train the way you treat."