Pets are Patients Too!


During Healthcare Simulation Week, we decided to also celebrating veterinary simulation training.


We understand the expanded need for advanced animal care and developed VetReaLifeSim products to improve the realism of emergency and clinical training on animals.


Clinical simulation practice on live animals before live animal practice helps develop skills and confidence.

#VetReaLifeSim products are worn by live animals to provide safe repeated practice of hands-on IV training and blood draw skills and human-animal interaction skills. These wearable products replicate real-life clinical skills training helping users experience the influence of eye contact, a gentle touch, and a soothing voice while performing under pressure.


VetReaLifeSim wearable IV trainers are designed to provide more opportunities for safe live animal training but can also be used on animal simulators to enhance function (ability to start multiple IVs) and to extend sustainability of expensive equipment (protecting the investment by starting the IVs' in our products).

Veterinary clinical simulation training products provide veterinary students the opportunity to develop competency in their diagnostic and practical skills safely, without the need to endanger or cause unnecessary discomfort to live animals.

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