ReaLifeSim Teams with British Firm VeinTrain




B & G Educational Innovations, LLC, (BGEI), the Florida, USA based parent company of ReaLifeSim, LLC with the innovative ReaLifeSim wearable IV task trainer, announced today their strategic partnership with VeinTrain, Ltd. a British firm with national healthcare training expertise, based in Nottingham, UK.

Elizabeth Benson, ReaLifeSim and Sarah Phillips, VeinTrain (two of the companies’ founders) met on LinkedIn and immediately recognized their shared drive and focus on best-practices clinical education and the potential for a mutually beneficial collaboration “across the pond.” VeinTrain and ReaLifeSim are working together to provide  the current  healthcare workforce and the next generation of clinicians with improved learner experiences.

VeinTrain brings over a decade of expertise in curriculum design and innovative tools like the “Naked Vein” used for psychomotor skills development in fundamental venipuncture skills. ReaLifeSim, recently recognized as a global Patient Safety Advocate and one of the Top 10 Healthcare Simulation Solution Providers, provides a realistic platform for learners and professionals to work under the pressure of practicing on real people, safely experiencing the influence human factors have on hands-on and interaction communication skills.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with Sarah and VeinTrain, as we share the same perspective on the growing importance to reach as many future healthcare providers as possible to raise the level of learner competence and confidence, improving patient care and safety,” explained Elizabeth Benson, co-founder and CEO of BGEI and its ReaLifeSim subsidiary.


“Our wearable ReaLifeSim IV trainers are designed to provide realistic opportunities for nurses, first responder, doctors, and more, to develop and maintain competence and confidence in their IV skills by safely practicing IV insertions on each other or actor volunteers (standardized patients), interacting as they would in a real-life situation,” Benson added.

“ReaLifeSim's efforts to enhance the realism in clinical training, using wearable products, works well with our commitment to help clinical learning organizations build a clear, naturally progressive curriculum to enhance the quality of IV skills training from basic to advanced,” said Sarah Phillips, VeinTrain’s founder and director.


“By combining our focuses on proper equipment handling, proper hand positioning, patient interaction, and situational awareness, together we are creating new packages that provide practice opportunities at all levels – from fundamental to Train-the-Trainer. Using the right tools helps ensure all medical professionals are properly trained and meet the highest standards of patient care,” Phillips added.


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