ReaLifeSim IV Trainers "Customer Favorite" for High Quality Realism

RLS -SIM vs REAL.png


  • Multiple vessel placement options for the "anatomical" configuration you desire with realistic "rolling" vessels.

  • Practicing student with student and with SPs adds the human factor with individual provider-patient and team interactions.

  • Realistically feel the "pop" through the skin and "pop" through the vessels followed by a flashback.

  • Lifelike-feel simulated skin provides repeated opportunities to safely practice hands-on skills with a variety of IV Trainer sizes.

  • Pre-filled (and refillable), leak resistant simulated blood vessels offer easy setup/cleanup options with a variety of length and diameter sizes.

  • Flow-through vessel options for administration of IV meds, IV Fluid boluses, IV Fluid infusions and to practice blood extraction.