Stretch Your Budget with ReaLifeSim IV Trainers


ReaLifeSim IV Trainers 

  • Wearable - Adds the human factor with individual provider-patient and team interactions. 

  • Adaptable - Three IV trainer sizes (adult, pediatric, infant) and an extender velcro. Three varieties of pre-filled simulated blood vessels, plus 2 types of continuous flow vessels. 

  • Durable - Realistic latex-free skin maintains integrity for >250 insertion attempts (w/20g) on adult size. "Rolling" simulated blood vessels (contain latex) filled/refillable maintain leak-resistant integrity with rroutine re-positioning.

  • Functional - Lifelike feel simulated skin & pre-filled rolling blood vessels that can be positioned in the desired "anatomical" configuration. Feel of the "pop" through the skin and "pop" through the vessels followed by a realistic flashback.

  • Portable - Use in classrooms, laboratories, scenarios, IPEs, for exercises and drills, in clinics and fields.

  • Affordable - Most products cost less than the average clinical textbook.

You do the comparison - wearable ReaLifeSim IV trainers versus a simple practice block, a bulky, complex hydraulic sleeve, an arm simulator and a full human simulators.

We're sure you'll find ReaLifeSim IV Trainers are the perfect fit for realism, function and price.

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