Summer Safety

June is National Safety Month and we want to remind everyone to keep safety at the top of your summer checklist of activities!

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Do you have enough sunscreen protection on the kids (and ourselves) before heading out to play or do house and yard chores? Do you have a well-stocked “bug-out bag” in case of natural or man-made disasters or emergency situations? It’s important to plan and prepare for the unexpected.

Safety is always a top priority in healthcare. We salute those who ensure all who work in the healthcare field have a safe environment in which to deliver care to patients. And, safe patient care includes training clinical staff to perform the various interventions with skill, competence and care to avoid unnecessary pain or injury.

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Competence and confidence in hands-on skills and interpersonal communication are the twin goals of our ReaLifeSim and VetReaLifeSim IV Training products. By providing the opportunity for repeated safe practice, on a live person or animal, future doctors, nurses, EMTs, veterinarians, techs and other clinical staff develop the competence and confidence they need to deliver the safe, quality care we all expect and deserve.

While June is National Safety Month, we should keep safety at the forefront all year long.

Have a SAFE and Enjoyable Summer!

The BGEI and ReaLifeSim/VetReaLifeSim Team