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Realistic Clinical IV Simulation Training for Animals

Clinical simulation practice to learn how to start an IV with VetReaLifeSim - when you want those in your care to see the look in your eyes, hear the tone of your voice, and feel the warmth and confidence in your touch.

The VetReaLifeSim IV/Blood draw IV trainer is the first product of its kind to integrate realistic simulated skin and blood vessels with aerospace industry technology to safely practice your hands-on and human-animal interaction skills on live animals. 

The advanced model includes the free companion RLSimApp, providing secure leading edge wireless technology to objectively track your clinical and communication skills performance on a smartphone or tablet for later review.

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Innovative Veterinary Training Tools Debut at National AVMA Convention

VetReaLifeSim Training Products Improve Hands-on Skills and Boost Confidence

VetReaLifeSim wearable task trainers are the first of their kind to integrate realistic anatomical features with aerospace industry technology to enhance the practice of clinical skills. They incorporate a solid metal protective layer to ensure no animals are injured during a practice session. Individuals, armed with knowledge, hands-on and human-animal interaction skills will be highly sought after in the veterinary career field, and most importantly will bring improved quality of care to pets and other animals in our community. This new training tool is one way to create the most realistic veterinary clinical experience for those already in, or choosing to enter, the veterinary health field.