VetReaLifeSim IV Trainer Team Recognizes Police K-9s


Ongoing military operations, escalating domestic active shooter/terrorist events, and natural disasters contribute to an increase in demand for elite K-9 operators throughout the world. Unfortunately, the increased utilization of K-9s in tactical and high-threat environments also increases the risk for K-9 line-of-duty injuries and deaths.

"Despite the impact K9s provide in safeguarding our society’s freedoms, large gaps in veterinary and K9 prehospital trauma care (e.g., standardized guidelines, funding, training, logistical resources, research, etc.) remain a challenge. In general, veterinary-specific out-of-hospital emergency medical services are not readily available. Licensed veterinary personnel don't routinely deploy as part of teams during high-threat situations. And, using EMS services for injured K-9s is hindered by EMS scope of practice statutes and language in each state’s veterinary practice act (VPA) that defines the requirements for practicing veterinary medicine." Source: An Introduction to K9 Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, L. Palmer, DVM, NRAEMT-T. 8.2016

As a result, out-of-hospital point-of-injury care for injured K-9s was grossly lacking. Today, K-9 handlers and EMS providers have more options to receive training in basic K-9 first aid and trauma care. 

According to current K-9 TECC guidelines gaining intravascular access is an indirect threat warm zone skill set: "If evacuation to definitive care is more than 30 minutes, consider placing an 18g IV catheter in at least one peripheral vein (cephalic on either of the front legs is preferred.)"

VetReaLifeSim IV Trainers provide opportunities to safely “treat” live animals or animal simulators practicing hands-on techniques and interaction skills in any environment, contributing to the most realistic training scenarios possible. VetReaLifeSim IV Trainers provide for realistic practice to provide medical services to K-9s injured in the field, often in austere, treacherous, and/or hostile environments.

Thanks to our K-9 Operators and the dogs during Police Week!