September 2019

Nurse Entrepreneurs Create International Strategic Partnership

B & G Educational Innovations, LLC, (BGEI), the Florida, USA based parent company of ReaLifeSim, LLC with the innovative ReaLifeSim wearable IV task trainer, announced today their strategic partnership with VeinTrain, Ltd. a British firm with national healthcare training expertise, based in Nottingham, UK.

Elizabeth Benson, ReaLifeSim and Sarah Phillips, VeinTrain (two of the companies’ founders) met on LinkedIn and immediately recognized their shared drive and focus on best-practices clinical education and the potential for a mutually beneficial collaboration “across the pond.” VeinTrain and ReaLifeSim are working together to provide  the current  healthcare workforce and the next generation of clinicians with improved learner experiences. VeinTrain brings over a decade of expertise in curriculum design and innovative tools like the “Naked Vein” used for psychomotor skills development in fundamental venipuncture skills. ReaLifeSim, recently recognized as a global Patient Safety Advocate and one of the Top 10 Healthcare Simulation Solution Providers, provides a realistic platform for learners and professionals to work under the pressure of practicing on real people, safely experiencing the influence human factors have on hands-on and interaction communication skills.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with Sarah and VeinTrain, as we share the same perspective on the growing importance to reach as many future healthcare providers as possible to raise the level of learner competence and confidence, improving patient care and safety,” explained Elizabeth Benson, co-founder and CEO of BGEI and its ReaLifeSim subsidiary. “Our wearable ReaLifeSim IV trainers are designed to provide realistic opportunities for nurses, first responder, doctors, and more, to develop and maintain competence and confidence in their IV skills by safely practicing IV insertions on each other or actor volunteers (standardized patients), interacting as they would in a real-life situation,” Benson added.

“ReaLifeSim's efforts to enhance the realism in clinical training, using wearable products, works well with our commitment to help clinical learning organizations build a clear, naturally progressive curriculum to enhance the quality of IV skills training from basic to advanced,” said Sarah Phillips, VeinTrain’s founder and director. “By combining our focuses on proper equipment handling, proper hand positioning, patient interaction, and situational awareness, together we are creating new packages that provide practice opportunities at all levels – from fundamental to Train-the-Trainer. Using the right tools helps ensure all medical professionals are properly trained and meet the highest standards of patient care,” Phillips added.

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April 2019

ReaLifeSim Teams with SoFraPa Healthcare

ReaLifeSim and SoFraPa Healthcare announced they’re working together to increase opportunities for students and practitioners in Italy’s emergency medical, healthcare, and animal health communities to experience more realistic and immersive education and training.

SoFraPa Healthcare, based in Florence, leads Italy in the distribution of basic and advanced educational manikins and medical simulators for training in the field of medical emergency and safety. ReaLifeSim will join other top brands distributed by SoFraPa such as Ruth Lee, BT Inc, ActFast, iSimulate and other leaders in the field of medical simulation.

I believe it can change the approach to medical simulation in Italy.

When explaining SoFraPa’s interest in bringing ReaLifeSim to the Italian healthcare community, company owner, Paolo Innocenti, said it was because, “…(ReaLifeSim) can be used on manikins and real people, it is effective at allowing students to experience the anxiety and stress they will encounter in a real-life scenario, and its accessibility will help improve the quality of treatment and service that will be offered to patients by future Italian doctors and nurses.” “I believe it can change the approach to medical simulation in Italy,” Innocenti added. 

ReaLifeSim is the leading wearable IV trainer, with improved realism and portability, objective assessment of skills performance with the App, and inclusion of human factors in IV training. ReaLifeSim, LLC, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of B&G Educational Innovations, LLC, (BGEI).

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March 2019

ReaLifeSim Teams with ECHO Healthcare

B&G Educational Innovations, LLC, (BGEI), a disruptively innovative company that has quickly established itself as a leader in the healthcare simulation field, announced today its collaboration with ECHO Healthcare, a progressive healthcare simulation and technology company with over 25 years’ experience focused on improving educational experiences through innovation.

“We are excited to welcome ECHO Healthcare to our network of collaborators and distributors who share the same perspective on the growing importance of simulation and immersive training in healthcare education,” explained Elizabeth Benson, co-founder and CEO of BGEI. “We believe ECHO Healthcare’s expertise and innovative approaches will help create additional opportunities to raise the level of learner competence and confidence, improving both patient care and safety,” Benson added.

“ECHO Healthcare is proud to represent select global brands, like ReaLifeSim, that are aligned with our mission to improve patient care through education,” said Kevin King, ECHO’s CEO. “Coming from health care backgrounds, I recognized instantly that Elizabeth and I shared a common vision for improved patient outcomes through innovation and we look forward to helping them extend the reach and impact of their unique simulation products,” King added.

The two companies already share a link to Lifecast Body Simulation, a UK based firm creating realistic body manikins from castings of real people for use in healthcare simulation education. “We have been using the ReaLifeSim tools with our Lifecast bodies throughout the world to enhance the simulation abilities of the Lifecast manikins,” explained David Halliwell, Director of Lifecast. “We are pleased to see ECHO Healthcare and ReaLifeSim combining to support the growth of realism in clinical simulation,” he added. ECHO Healthcare distributes Lifecast products throughout the United States and Canada.

ReaLifeSim, LLC, a disruptively innovative company, has been earning industry recognition as a Top 10 Healthcare Simulation Solution Provider for 2018 by Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine and a Top 12 Company in Patient Safety Advocacy by Medical Training Magazine. Globally utilized ReaLifeSim hybrid wearable products provide safe, risk-free, immersive learning by creating a realistic platform to work under pressure, practicing vascular access on real people or manikins. 

ECHO Healthcare is a new, innovative company whose goal is the redefinition of innovation and excellence in the medical simulation marketplace. With over 25 years of combined experience in the field, ECHO Healthcare is well positioned to add value to medical simulation programs across disciplines and technology platforms. 

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February 2019


We, at #ReaLifeSim, salute these “angels among us” for their commitment and dedication to helping us, their neighbors, near or far, when they need help most.

Most days when we hear or see a fire truck or rescue vehicle our first concern is where is it, which way is it going and am I in the way? Okay, our first three concerns. We might say a small prayer for those in need of their help and a thank you that it’s not us.

But how often do we think about the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel, firefighters, paramedics and EMTs, who make a career out of providing our communities with incredible life-saving medical care any time of day, every day and in every possible environment and circumstance you can imagine?

Whether it’s illness, injury, accident, natural or man-made disaster, these men and women, many of them serving in volunteer positions, make our health, safety and well-being their #1 priority. And they often perform their life-saving efforts in the dark; blistering heat; bone-chilling cold; torrential rain; or a noisy and dangerous intersection. 

We are proud that EMS providers choose wearable ReaLifeSim hybrid IV trainers that go everywhere they go to practice their skills. #yougowego The added realism of ReaLifeSim trainers helps ensure their skills and confidence are at the highest level when you need them. #trainthewayyoutreat

Recognition Earned Across Healthcare Simulation Industry

We’re proud of this triple-crown Industry recognition and the work we’ve done to increase realism in clinical simulation. We design tools to provide safe practice opportunities that more closely replicate those experienced in real life to improve patient safety. 

Patient Safety Advocate 2018-2019
by Medical Training Magazine

We’re pleased and proud to share ReaLifeSim was 1 of 12 companies worldwide recognized, as a Patient Safety Advocate 2018-2019 by Medical Training Magazine in their Patient Safety Advocacy issue. The magazine made their selection from solicited subscriber nominations.

Top 10 Healthcare Simulation Solution Providers of 2018
by HealthcareTech Magazine

ReaLifeSim, LLC (RLS), the leading wearable vascular access trainer provider, has been named one of the “Top 10 Healthcare Simulation Solution Providers of 2018.” Our small, nurse-owned business was recognized for innovative clinical simulation products used to “train the way you treat” by the experts at Healthcare Tech Outlook, a respected resource for decision-makers regarding the dynamic changes technology is having on the healthcare industry.

Mixed Reality Teaching Tools in Showcase IMSH 2019

We pushed the boundaries of traditional clinical simulation education, again, with our new, unique Mixed Reality IV Training system, which was selected for inclusion in the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) 9th Annual Serious Games & Virtual Environments Arcade & Showcase 2019 that took place January 26-29 in San Antonio, TX.


AR Visualization Combined with Human-Centered Wearable Design

The DISRUPTIVELY INNOVATIVE Team at ReaLifeSim is pushing the boundaries of traditional clinical simulation education, AGAIN, with their NEW unique Mixed Reality IV Training.

Their new Augmented Reality ReaLifeSim IV Training system (AR-RLS) uses the wearable ReaLifeSim hybrid simulation IV Trainer, real-time digital information integrated into the individual’s visual environment, and a tablet or smart phone.

Realistic. Interactive. Immersive. Augmented Reality. Mixed Reality.

AR-RLS provides a realistic platform to work under the pressure of practicing while experiencing the influence human factors on hands-on and interaction communication skills.

AR-RLS software runs as an app for easy updates. The AR component helps students to better comprehend spatial relationships, deepen knowledge, and strengthen patient care in a highly interactive virtual and physical environment.

AR and safe hands-on skills practice on a SP (or manikin) with authentic haptic, visual, and interactive feedback are combined in this mixed reality learning environment.

How does this benefit learners and enhance the quality of care?

Augmented reality (AR) is no longer a tool used only in the gaming world or entertainment sector. It’s an innovative tool with the capacity to mitigate safety risks and help save lives in the healthcare industry. Numerous studies indicate AR is useful because it helps the healthcare learner to understand spatial relationships and concepts, to acquire skills and knowledge, to strengthen cognitive-psychomotor abilities, and to shorten their learning curve and prolong learning retention.

This mixed reality experience, integrating and overlays virtual elements over the real world. On our new IV Trainer, AR takes the form of 3D images visible to the user on the tablet or smartphone. The wearable AR-RLS helps educators effectively provide multi-modal strategies in clinical simulation skills training and “real life” scenario-based, inter-professional education during which learners safely experience the influence of human factors. It increases subjective attractiveness by providing students with authentic simulated experiences.

Advocating for Patient Safety is Job 1 at ReaLifeSim

We’re pleased and proud to share ReaLifeSim was one of 33 companies nominated worldwide as a Patient Safety Advocate and acknowledged by the staff at Medical Training Magazine in their Patient Safety Advocacy issue. The issue was released today and will be distributed during the International Meeting on Healthcare Simulation 2019 conference in San Antonio, TX. Click HERE to link directly to the feature.

Patient safety experts agree communication and teamwork skills are essential for providing quality care. “When all clinical and non-clinical staff collaborate effectively, health care teams can improve patient outcomes, prevent medical errors, improve efficiency and increase patient satisfaction. Health care teams that communicate effectively and work collaboratively reduce the potential for error, resulting in enhanced patient safe- ty and improved clinical performance.” (

In the world of healthcare, more emphasis is being placed on training in human factors routinely provided to staff, similar to other safety-critical industries. Case studies, role plays and realistic simulated practice, for example, are used to improve emotion regulation, reflective ability, emotional intelligence and empathy.

With ReaLifeSim and VetReaLifeSim, learners safely practice hands-on clinical skills working with a live person or a live animal (veterinary care), relating to them as they would in a real-life situation, promoting a heightened sense of “presence” and emotional connection. Clinical students safely practice their hands-on skills to a level of competence, while simultaneously relating to the “patient” as a real person in a way that communicates confidence and inspires trust from the patient. The improved communication skills benefit and improve clinical team communication.

We designed ReaLifeSim because it was needed in our clinical education environments. We needed a better way to "train the way you treat". ReaLifeSim is continuously redefining clinical simulation training using state of the art IoT and cloud technology to provide the opportunity for learners to safely experience the influence of human factors. After working with ReaLifeSim or VetReaLifeSim, learners and providers report they are more competent and confident, helping them to feel more comfortable communicating with their patients - which can contribute to reduced preventable medical errors, reduced time to treatment, and increased patient satisfaction.

Combined Efforts Add to Realism in Healthcare Simulation Education

B & G Educational Innovations, LLC, (BGEI), parent company of ReaLifeSim, LLC, announced today - a collaboration to produce a new product with Amoveo Training, Inc., a Canadian firm with national healthcare simulation training expertise, based in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

“We’ve got you…. under our skin.” Well, more precisely ReaLifeSim’s got a new sub-dermal layer add-on!

The first product of this joint effort, released today, is a simulated sub-dermal (skin) layer, which can be inserted into the wearable ReaLifeSim IV simulator, adding another level of realism for those developing and maintaining skills to successfully start an IV.

“We’re pleased to be working with Amoveo. We share the same perspective on the growing importance of simulation and immersive training scenarios to raise the level of learner competence and confidence, improving patient care and safety,” explained Elizabeth Benson, co-founder and CEO of BGEI and its ReaLifeSim. “ReaLifeSim & VetReaLifeSim IV trainers provide high physical fidelity and versatility to teach proper hand positioning, IV catheter manipulation, provider-patient interaction, and situational awareness in a variety of environments.” Benson added.

“ReaLifeSim's focus to replicate real life in clinical training using wearable products works well with our commitment to help organizations use simulation and immersion to enhance quality improvement and safety,” said Matthew Jubelius, Amoveo’s founder. “We’re happy to be working with ReaLifeSim to add another layer. Realistic training helps medical and veterinary professionals provide the highest standards of patient care”, added Jubelius.

The two companies are working together to develop realistic products for improved learner experiences.

Amoveo’s expertise in designing customized simulation solutions complements ReaLifeSim's commitment to improve patient outcomes by enhancing the skills training available to students and existing care providers. This new addition is available directly from Amoveo Training, Inc.

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November 2018

ReaLifeSim Named “Top 10” Healthcare Simulation Solution Provider Wearable Clinical Simulation Products to Enhance “Train the Way You Treat”

ReaLifeSim, LLC (RLS), the leading wearable vascular access trainer provider, has been named one of the “Top 10 Healthcare Simulation Solution Providers of 2018.” This small, women-owned business was recognized for innovative clinical simulation products used to “train the way you treat” by the experts at Healthcare Tech Outlook, a respected resource for decision-makers regarding the dynamic changes technology is having on the healthcare industry.

“Their (ReaLifeSim) unique products provide safe, repeated skills practice on a live person, allowing the learner to interact as they would in a real-life situation, creating a “train the way you treat” learning experience. They also promote a heightened sense of “presence” and emotional connection by engaging learners’ senses and emotions in a “real-life” simulation,” cited Healthcare Tech Outlook in their December issue.

After being informed of her company’s selection, Elizabeth Benson, RN, co-founder and CEO of B &G Educational Innovations, LLC (BGEI) - parent company of ReaLifeSim, LLC, reported “We are honored to be included in this select group of fellow businesses and organizations working to bring ever greater realism to clinical simulation education.”

BGEI is known as a disruptively innovative leader in hybrid clinical simulation education, designing, manufacturing, and distributing wearable peripheral vascular access training products for healthcare under the ReaLifeSim brand. “We’re providing an affordable product that improves clinical training, creating competent and confident clinicians, which leads to better patient outcomes,” explained Benson. 

Benson created disruption of her own during a “shark tank”-like competition, at the One Spark innovation conference, when she gave a calculated “cold shoulder” to two of the judges about to evaluate her “pitch.”  The resulting head turning and almost audible gasp from those in attendance was the feedback she expected. She had their attention. Instead of explaining the impact poor communication could have on patient trust, Benson made them feel it. Improved provider/patient communication is one of the benefits of her ReaLifeSim wearable trainers.

Benson and co-founder Linda Goodman, RN, CHSE, received their own disruptive news later that day when it was announced they placed second, but the pitch was so compelling they were awarded the first place prize. The fact that BGEI did not yet have a minimally viable product (MVP) was very much in the “non-traditional” category for new start-up ventures.

Less than 90 days later, Benson and her husband, half of the core business team at the time, relocated from their home in Maryland to Jacksonville and went to work.

Since then, Benson and the BGEI team:

  • contracted with a Florida manufacturer,

  • conducted lab and field testing,

  • refined the design and developed an App to record and track the skill performance and record the student’s interaction with the “patient,”

  • debuted the device at a world simulation conference,

  • contracted with several well-known distributors covering sales in 18 countries,

  • was selected to participate in an Enterprise Florida-US Department of Commerce-sponsored trade mission to Costa Rica,

  • and their ReaLifeSim IV task trainer was selected for use in several EMS/First Responder competitions and FEMA-approved Urban Search and Rescue courses for its added realism.

 ReaLifeSim is used in classrooms and labs, hospitals and clinics, fields and farms, and in scenarios/training events including disaster, close-space and austere rescue environments. Experts in national and international venues routinely choose ReaLifeSim because their clinically challenging scenarios require IV realism.

“The closer we can get the students to a ‘real call’, the better we can transition them from students to practitioners. ReaLifeSim IV trainer added another level of realism to our scenarios. This tool really helps achieve that goal,” shared TSC EMS Faculty, Hector Martinez.

Dr. Ryan Jacobson, Johnson County, KS, EMS Medical Director participant, Disaster Medical Solutions US&R course using ReaLifeSim reported, “Real world training with Real patients wearing ReaLifeSim in Night Training was the best, high fidelity out-of-hospital training I’ve had!”

"ReaLifeSim is great! Our current simulation arms are so bulky…not really practical to put on an SP. The arms and manikins we use don’t really simulate an actual patient, so ReaLifeSim is fantastic," shared a RN standardized patient educator at #ASPE2018.

"My students really loved working with and wearing ReaLifeSim. I was pleased to see the blood return was more realistic than a simulation arm and I like that we can use it to practice giving medications," reported Judy Comeaux, DNP, ARNP, BSN Program Director, UNF.

“Being named among the top 10 healthcare simulation solution providers is a noteworthy achievement for ReaLifeSim,” said Benson, “This is a significant validation of our focus on the human element of patient-centric care and clinical training, and my team’s efforts to date.”

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