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The ReaLifeSim IV Trainer added a seamless piece into the assessment & treatment of standardized patients.
We are incorporating this into all of our Health Professions courses.
— Scott Nelson, B.S., NRP, LP, Acting Dean, Division of Health Professions, Texas Southmost College
The students really loved working with and wearing ReaLifeSim. I was pleased to see the blood return was more realistic than a simulation arm and I like that we can use it to practice giving medications.
— Judy Comeaux, DNP, ARNP, BSN Program Director, UNF
ReaLifeSim is a game changer! I’ve been working in simulation for close to 10 years, and historically the nursing students struggle with getting the IV in the simulators, but not with the ReaLifeSim IV trainer. The ease of use and the ease of prep and clean up make it a real value. Great product!”

— Deb Tauber, MSN, RN, CHSE, CEN, CEO/Founder Innovative SimSolutions LLC
ReaLifeSim is a great tool for nurses to improve their skills to start a peripheral IV. Feels realistic, helping to quickly build skills and confidence.
— S. Croegaert, RN, Emergency Response Team, HCA Hospital
As someone who’s tested ReaLifeSim IV trainers, I can tell you first hand that they work wonderfully.
— Waseem Ghannam, MD, MBA, MHSA, CEO & Co-founder Tele-Health Solution
ReaLifeSim helps our students experience a more realistic situation and become more confident in IV skills.
— C. Cummings, RN, EdD, Accelerated Program Director, UNF
ReaLifeSim provides a high level of physical fidelity, while providing the opportunity to relate to a “patient” on a human level - exactly what’s needed for developing health care professions learners.

— Mary K. Fey, PhD, RN, CHSE-A, Assoc. Dir., Institute for Medical Simulation, Center for Medical Simulation, Boston, MA

Emergency Medical Services

ReaLifeSim IV Trainer is a great addition to BOTH manikin and SP activities.
Wonderful product for easy use.
— Jennifer McCarthy, MAS, NRP, CHSE, Assoc Prof, Seton Hall University School of Health and Medical Sciences
The closer we can get the students to a ‘real call’, the better we can transition them from students to practitioners. ReaLifeSim IV trainer added another level of realism to our scenarios. This tool really helps achieve that goal.
— Hector Martinez, EMS Faculty, Texas Southmost College, TX
ReaLifeSim - competence focused products... great stuff! Great products recommended to me initially by Chris Kroboth at iSimulate and the assessor team at the Clinical Challenge EMS World.
— David Halliwell, MSc-McPara, Lifecast Body Sim
It was a hot day and the crews were tired. They’d been crawling through rubble for hours and tonight was their crucible. Having ReaLifeSim IV Trainers was extremely helpful - adding extra stimulus during the intense scenario. I’d use them again for sure!
— Lieutenant Ryan Mitchell FF, PM, BA
ReaLifeSim adds a missing element of realism to SPs and manikins in our scenarios.
— Vincent Johnson, Course Lead, Disaster Medical Solutions, FEMA US&R Medical Team Specialist Course
Real world training with Real patients wearing ReaLifeSim in Night Training - the best, high fidelity out-of-hospital training I’ve ever had!
— Dr. Ryan Jacobson, Johnson County, KS, EMS Medical Director participant, Disaster Medical Solutions US&R course using ReaLifeSim

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Student & Instructor Favorite for High Quality Realism

ReaLifeSim IV trainers are routinely complimented for their effectiveness in replicating the ‘real world’ experiences in which skills are learned.

  • "No one else has multiple vessel placement options with realistic "rolling" vessels."

  • "Great to add the human factor in scenarios."

  • "Good to help promote individual provider-patient and team interactions."

  • "We like the realistic feel "popping" through the skin and vessels with a flashback."

  • "Pre-filled (and refillable) simulated blood vessels don’t make a big mess and are an easy setup/cleanup option!"

  • "Love the new flow-through vessel options for giving IV meds, IV Fluid boluses, IV Fluid infusions and to practice blood extraction."


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TeleHealth Solution is a patient and outcomes centered approach to TeleMedicine. Their mission is to deliver expert medical care in the acute care and post acute care setting, while eliminating unnecessary spending of healthcare dollars. The TeleHealth Solution Team improves the quality of on-site care in Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF), Assisted Living Facilities (ALF),and Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC). They virtually evaluate and treat patients who are acutely ill, keeping them comfortable in their facility while reducing transfers and lowering readmission rates and penalties. TeleHealth Solution provides both the Turnkey TeleMedicine Technology and Hospitalists support with NO up-front equipment cost, bringing the future of healthcare to you.

Amoveo Training Inc. has been involved in simulation education, immersive training and people development since 2010. Their team members have received recognition and awards for leadership in simulation-based training and have facilitated thousands of immersive experiences. Their task trainers and simulated tissues are customized and designed in various sizes and shapes to meet a variety of needs. Their simulation products actually respond to treatment such as negative pressure wound therapy and other nursing interventions. Tested at the highest clinical levels, their products perform.

At SavaSeniorCare Administrative Services, LLC, their mission is to enhance and inspire the lives of all they: their members, our patients, our residents and our families. If you’re considering care options for yourself, your family or friends, you probably have a lot of questions. You might like to know that center staff members are encouraged to ask themselves every day: “Am I providing the type of care I would want my mom or dad to receive?” It’s that daily heart check that helps everyone to focus on quality of care. Their client centers have built a culture of caring and compassion in a comfortable environment for residents and patients.


At UK based Vein Train, they know continued practice is key to achieving the perfect technique and improved procedures for patients, but there’s not always the time to complete courses or attending extra training. They’ve developed their own very simple, VeinTrain Vein - we call it the Naked Vein.  A simple training aid so you can practice your technique wherever you are from a simple flatpack for every delegate across a whole organisation for Rapid Competency VT Vein or for the Trainer we have Professional VT Vein,  or a technqiue perfector  the Specialist VT Vein.

This show is a forum for nurses to discuss issues varying from communication in healthcare to current issues, such as nurse/patient ratios, dealing with conflict, how to create cooperative workplaces, nursing strikes and much more.

E. Benson, CEO, ReaLifeSim talking with Leanne 5.7.18

E. Benson, CEO, ReaLifeSim talking with Leanne 5.7.18

Government policies are creating a major shift for all healthcare providers as well as their patients and we, as nurses, will be a crucial part of the solutions. “Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse: Exploring the World of Nursing” is broadcast live every Monday at 10 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica’s Health and Wellness Channel.