ReaLifeSim App for Objective Measurable Outcomes

Individual & Team Skills Recording
Self-Assessment, Peer Assessment, and Instructor Assessment with Feedback

ReaLifeSim advanced version with App and embedded sensors, records hands-on and communication skills to provide real-time objective & subjective performance feedback. 

Used in Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE), Competency-based Training (CBT), and Competency-based Assessments (CBA). Tracking outcome measures contributes directly to sharing “best practice” methodologies. 

The ReaLifeSim App (RLSimApp) provides:

  • Secure access to track/record individual learner hands-on IV skills performance using embedded sensors.

  • Secure access to track/record individual learner provider-patient communication skills performance.

  • Secure access to track/record team interaction skills performance.

  • Cloud syncing and secure remote instructor access for review, assessment, and feedback.

  • English, French, German and Spanish RLSimApp screen and facilitator portal language localizations are standard features.

Available for download from Google Play and iTunes Apple stores. The App records your first 60 minutes for free. Then, unlimited recording is $1.99/month.

RLSimApp. ReaLifeSim products incorporate innovative technologies to track your skills performance wirelessly for review on your smartphone or tablet. IV Trainers