Clinical simulation training - IV vascular access practice. Learners benefit from working with live people, interacting with them as in a "real world" situation, to develop competence and confidence in hands-on skills and communication skills, to provide their best care.

ReaLifeSim products are realistic, durable, portable, and have an easy 5 to 10-minute setup and cleanup. Learners benefit from this realistic platform to work under the pressure of practicing on real people and the influence of human factors on hands-on, interaction communication skills, and situational awareness.

Develop and test IV start skills under pressure while working with a live person! Simulated skin provides a realistic feel and "pop" with catheter/needle insertion. Simulated vessels feel like they're rolling and "pop" at cannulation. Artificial blood in a flashback with proper vessel cannulation.
Our Pediatric IV Task trainer is not only great practice on the ped's manikins, but it has great use for practice on the hand.
Attendee at conference using VetReaLifeSim vas sleeve on our small "dog" friend.
Clinician created products for healthcare and veterinary skills training accessible to any student, any time, any where!

Insert empty syringe in vessel with air and insert syringe with simulated blood in opposite end. Gently draw the empty syringe back, the pull will pull out the air and pull in the simulated blood. Gently pull empty syringe for air out first and then remove the simulated blood syringe.

This demonstrates ReaLifeSim Simulated blood vessels do not collapse with a "pull-back pressure" of a blood draw. For realistic blood draws, use flow-through vessel itme #Ft1SBV vessel with a blood bag.

The App records your first 60 minutes for free. Then, unlimited recording is $1.99/month.

Steps to start an IV

This video discusses why nurses, phlebotomists, and other healthcare professionals miss IVs (or the vein) when drawing blood. I discuss how to increase IV success rate, popular places to look for a vein (AC and hand), how to prevent a vein from rolling, why veins blow, putting on a tourniquet etc.

ReaLifeSim and VetReaLifeSim products are safe, realistic, and affordable for clinical simulation skills practice on real people, real animals and manikins.  Paramedics, nurses, doctors, animal doctors (veterinarians) and vet techs all learn to start IVs. Best IV trainers. App for human factor assessment. IV trainer, IV simulation trainer, IV arm trainer, blood drawing and blood draw trainer #ReaLifeSim #VetReaLifeSim #HappyPet #HappyVet #IVTrainer #RealPeople #RealPractice #Manikinscantdothis no more #simulationarm #manikin