Our Mission & Vision

Mission: To create innovative products that enhance the quality and effectiveness of educational processes in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

Vision: To ensure the human aspect of healthcare delivery endures in an increasingly virtual world.

Our commitment to
high quality simulation education

BGEI recognizes and believes enhancing the realism of standardized participants with our cost effective wearable medical simulation devices, healthcare students and clinicians can be provided the opportunity to interact with a human in the most realistic clinical simulation possible.  We designed these products because we saw the need for them in our own education environments.

Our ReaLifeSim devices can also be used to merge the practice and assessment of skills in an authentic setting with a virtual simulation environment to create a dynamic mixed-reality learning environment.

And, because we at BGEI recognize the expense to purchase and maintain high fidelity manikin simulation has and will continue to play an important role in simulation, our devices can be "worn" by high and low fidelity manikins to further enhance their realism and sustainability. 

Integrating Interpersonal Communication
into High-Tech Education Environments

In response to the shift in teaching and evaluating clinical competencies in both students and professionals, BGEI designed the product line ReaLifeSim: several integrated and interactive clinical simulation training devices that enhance the clinical realism of standardized participants. These devices were successfully lab and  field tested with distribution for sales beginning Spring 2017. Our Trademarks ReaLifeSim, VetReaLifeSim, and RLSimApp are registered and product designs are filed with the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

The RLSimdevices are cost-effective, reusable simulated body parts with interactive areas and monitoring devices useful in training hands-on skills that routinely take place on patients. The corresponding instructional tools available include clinical competencies, outcomes tracking, training scripts, and user guides.

B & G Educational Innovation (BGEI), founded and operated by healthcare educators, is changing the paradigm in simulation education.