Inserting simulated blood vessels.

Inserting simulated blood vessels.

Gather and inspect all your supplies.

When using a new ReaLifeSim IV trainer for the first time, hold the “skin” side up, with one hand along each of the long sides and gently apply downward pressure to create a slight curve to better fit the more natural curve of the “patient’s” forearm.

Check and confirm the prefilled simulated blood vessels are full and correctly inserted. Check placement by palpating for vessels. You may also check by visualizing the simulated blood vessels.

Apply the ReaLifeSim IV Trainer on the arm of the standardized patient (SP) or manikin, ensuring it is fastened securely using the Velcro straps on the sleeve. 

Provider-patient interactions are audio-recorded for playback and review.

Provider-patient interactions are audio-recorded for playback and review.

Perform the skills.

The learner should perform the assigned clinical skill and interpersonal communication in a realistic manner to meet the established competency skills as directed by the instructor/facilitator and in accordance with evidence based practices.

Flashback when tourniquet is on and catheter is properly inserted.

Flashback when tourniquet is on and catheter is properly inserted.

Anticipated Results

Simulated blood is visualized (via flashback) only when the catheter is correctly inserted.

  • Proper tourniquet placement or finger pressure over the proximal end of the vessel is important. Tourniquet must be placed & tightened on the IV Trainer to apply pressure to the simulated vessels, replicating a real blood draw or IV insertion.

  • Prefilled SBVs must be maintained at a near full volume.

  • Prefilled SBVs are designed for flashback only, not blood draws. Use Ft1SBV or Ft2SBV for higher volumes required with blood draws.

  • Viewing a flashback for a correct needle insertion is not App dependent.

    - A “miss” (defined as an incorrectly inserted IV catheter that goes too deep and would potentially cause injury to nerve or bone) will produce an audible “beep” from the battery box.
    Each "miss" is also captured, recorded, saved, and stored for later review.
    The RLSimApp will record student provider-patient communication, which will be available for review.  



Easily cleaned skin surface.

Easily cleaned skin surface.

 ReaLifeSim Vas-sleeve IV trainer should be wiped clean with an alcohol wipe between uses. Skin puncture area can accommodate 250 insertion attempts (20g or smaller IV catheter). *The simulated blood in the blood vessels is not a bio-hazard, but may stain some materials.


Velcro straps are used rather than a full sleeve to protect the wearers from potential exposures and cross-contamination. To clean the velcro, use any disinfectant wipe.

To remove empty simulated blood vessels, fold the outer flap (on some versions) back to expose the vessels and pull the desired vessel out. Dispose with general waste. 

Keep your equipment organized by storing your ReaLifeSim IV Trainer and simulated vessels in your carry bag!

The SBVs should be refilled multiple times until leaking is observed - then replace.

Replacement pre-filled simulated blood vessels must be purchased separately and can be found on the Simulated Blood Vessels page.

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